YRKKH 9th April 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update for April 9, 2024 Abhira breaks. Ruhi moves to the image of Armaan. She pens a romantic letter to him. When she sees Kiara behind, she becomes nervous. Luckily, Kiara is blind to her act. Ruhi follows her. Charu has a call with Dev. Kiara and Ruhi notice Charu. When Charu notices them, she hides the situation. When Armaan gets home, he questions Vidya and Manisha regarding Abhira. They inform him that Abhira is still not home. He worries for Abhira's security. He claims that Abhira is no longer with him. He is concerned about him. Sanjay gives Armaan the task of managing his career. He is asked not to worry about his work by Armaan. He gets a reprimand from Sanjay for not doing his work. Armaan claims that he must go find Abhira because she needs him. Kaveri cuts Armaan off.

She asserts that Abhira is not a child to be left alone in the city and that he should concentrate on the case as she will return home on her own. She believes that Abhira is bringing them harm. She begs Vidya not to ruin Armaan's career by always standing up for Abhira. Vidya decides to support Abhira. They're asked not to fight by Armaan. He consents to speak with Sanjay about the situation. Kaveri is content. Dev phones Charu. She quickly gets up and leaves the game. Kiara wants to talk to Krish about her uncertainties. When Aryan asks them what the secret is, Kiara advises them not to bring up the subject with senior citizens. She claims that Charu has a boyfriend and is in love. How is she so confident, Krish wonders. Kiara claims to be observing Charu's peculiar conduct.

They fear that Kaveri and Sanjay will soon discover this information. Armaan doesn't seem to be able to concentrate at work. Sanjay threatens to quit if he doesn't do his duties adequately. Armaan demonstrates how well he is focusing on the case. He's informed by Vidya that she spoke with Madhav but received no information regarding Abhira. Any husband would be concerned if his spouse failed to return home, as stated by Armaan. He gets a call from Abhira. He inquires as to her well-being.

She informs him that she needs her and is heading to Mussoorie's house. He begs her to keep in touch, promises to arrive soon, and pleads her not to allow anything go wrong. Sanjay informs Armaan that he is unable to visit Abhira at this moment. Kaveri requests that he give Armaan the freedom to choose between his wife, family, and job. She's curious about his choice. He is truthful, she knows that, but he would always stand up for Abhira.

Vidya claims to be aware of Kaveri's activities. Armaan tells her to unwind. He assures Kaveri that they will prevail in the legal matter. Mussoorie is reached by Abhira. She promises to take care of everything. She dashes over to the getaway. Vidya and Manisha are informed by Kaveri that Armaan will prevail in the firm's case. She prepares a toffee for him every day. She hurriedly phones Armaan to come over. Sanjay tells us that Armaan went to meet Abhira in Mussoorie. Ruhi remembers that she attempted, but was unable, to stop Armaan. Armaan wishes to get to Abhira in order to save her home from being demolished. He is aware that Abhira calls the resort home and has many fond memories there. He is arguing with Ruhi that Abhira is receiving a lot of priority.

He says he won't give an explanation to anyone and that he will stick with his choice. Kaveri is informed by Sanjay that Armaan has fled. She goes insane. Vidya stands up for her son, who went to his wife to fulfill his obligation. Sanjay queries who will pursue the legal matter in Armaan's place. When Manoj shows there to defend the case, Sanjay condemns him. Manisha stands up for her spouse. She declares that anything negative about her husband will not be tolerated. When Abhira gets home. She claims she cannot imagine the house disintegrating into dust. She wishes to save her memories. When she learns that the resort is being demolished, she becomes concerned. When she considers where she will go after leaving the Poddar residence, she breaks.


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