GHKKPM 17th April 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update for April 17, 2024 Ram of Savi. During Ram Navami, Ishaan brings up the subject of the college's impending cultural festival. Savi says that her friend Anvi will be in charge of the event since Ishaan isn't excited about taking part in the role of cultural secretary. Savi introduces Anvi as a gifted writer who wrote the script for Seeta Swayamwar for the celebration. She also says that Durva inquires about her knowledge of Ram. After then, Savi speaks a shlok in which he describes how Ram was prepared to give his life in order to fulfill his vow.

After giving it some thought, she sees Ishaan keeping his word to Harini and sees herself as Ram, just as Reeva sees Ishaan. Surekha instructs the maid to summon Chinmay as Yashwant arrives for lunch. But when Chinmay hears this, he yells that he won't be called and walks in on his own initiative. With pride, Surekha tells him that she has made all of his favorite meals and invites him to savor them. After giving her a chair, Chinmay offers that they share a meal together, just like they did when they were kids. Then he asks Surekha to feed them both and extends an invitation to Ishaan to join them.

However, he politely reminds her that they should feed Ishaan first, as they used to, when she offers to feed Chinmay. Surekha is disappointed, but Chinmay excused himself from the table and says he's already had lunch with Jeetu. Surekha is sobbing. Chinmay informs her that Yashwant has informed him that he will be eating with Jeetu and that he is with the servants. He requests that Surekha give Ishaan the puris. He claims that the meal was already consumed by the family's Raavan. Yashwant is unable to speak. How will Surekha put an end to Chinmay's fear? Will Savi assist Surekha in capturing her son's affection? For the written update on April 17, 2024, GHKKPM, continue reading.



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