Anupama 2nd May 2024 Written Update

 Anupama Written Update for May 2, 2024 In love with Anuj. Adhya believes Anupama is acting dramatic in order to win Anuj over. Anupama is worn out. In order to wake up and resume work, she set an alarm. Dimpy meets Ansh. He claims to have expressed regret to Mahi and Ishani. Is a stepfather not a good guy, he asks Dimpy. He claims to have heard the exchange between Hasmukh and Vanraj. Dimpy asks him to put such things out of his mind. Ansh declares that he just wants Vanraj and does not want Titu. Dimpy becomes agitated because Ansh is thinking the wrong things because of Vanraj.

Anupama does a Bhajan and the Tulsi puja. She gets her day going. Shruti and Anuj awaken to the sound of Anupama singing. For her family and herself, Anupama offers her prayers. She desires the bravery to become victorious in the contest. Anupama draws Anuj's attention. Shruti is concerned about this. Anuj claims that this item was absent from his home. Anuj heads over to say hi. She expresses her regret to him. She brought India to his house, and he thanked her for it. She claims that saying the morning prayers is a habit of hers. Every home, he claims, needs values. He begs her not to apologize.

Dimpy calls the family into the hall. They inquire about the situation. She goes up against Vanraj. She queries whether he is acting like he is in her corner. She asks Vanraj whether he is interested in arranging her marriage to Titu. She informs him that he has been feeding Ansh false information. Vanraj informs her that he had a conversation with Hasmukh. He is asked not to manipulate Ansh by Dimpy. He claims that in order for her to leave the house, she is painting him as a villain. He makes fun of her, saying that she wants to travel the world with Titu and never return to the Shah family, not take on the responsibility of running the house.

Kavya stands up for Titu. He claims that his ability to control Ansh isn't all that horrible. He accuses Dimpy of robbing them of Ansh. He is informed by Dimpy that Titu adores Ansh. Vanraj claims she is unable to discern his love for his grandchild. He informs her that Ansh may be afraid for unknown reasons. If Ansh does not want Titu to be his father, he asks her to be understanding. He begs the family not to always place the responsibility on him. He promises to explain everything to Ansh in a conversation. He issues a warning.

Shruti is taken to the temple by Anuj, who informs her that Anupama is auspicious. Shruti is asked by Aadhya not to flaunt her phony morals. According to Anupama, love resides in the heart, but it must be spoken to the other person. Shruti queries the rationale of the pooja. She is told by Anupama that they perform the puja in order to hold their culture and to energize their hearts. According to her, their hearts won't be pure unless they maintain their devotion. After hearing Anupama's justification, Anuj is amazed.

She informs them that the family members must do the aarti since she is a guest. She leads the aarti, which is jointly performed by Anuj and Shruti. Anupama's positive energy around the house is much appreciated by Anuj. She is allowed to play the Shank by him. Thanking him, Anupama plays the Shank. In order to assist Anupama, Anuj heads to the kitchen. The sparks of love start to fly.

Anuj stays close to Anupama for an unknown purpose. She is a guest at his home, which he regrets. He longs for their bygone era. Adhya seeks him out. There, she discovers Leela's journal. Aadhya's food is prepared by Anupama. If she wants to concentrate on the competition, he asks her to go. She claims that she is here for Aadhya's benefit and that she will take care of everything. Anuj gives her praise. There, they discover Aadhya. Anupama thinks Aadhya might have heard them. To Aadhya, Anuj explains that he arrived to make coffee.

He is sent to Shruti by Aadhya. Anupama is cautioned by her to avoid her. Anupama persists in attempting to win her over. Anuj gets ready to drive Shruti to the medical facility. He freezes when he sees Anupama. He is asked to go by Aadhya. Anupama is asked to keep away by Aadhya when Anuj departs. Adhya is looked after by Anupama. When Anuj takes their photo, they become emotional. Anuj spends some time with Anupama. Adhya rips the diary to make trouble out of rage.


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