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Anupama 2nd May 2024 Written Update

  Anupama Written Update for May 2, 2024 In love with Anuj. Adhya believes Anupama is acting dramatic in order to win Anuj over. Anupama is worn out. In order to wake up and resume work, she set an alarm. Dimpy meets Ansh. He claims to have expressed regret to Mahi and Ishani. Is a stepfather not a good guy, he asks Dimpy. He claims to have heard the exchange between Hasmukh and Vanraj. Dimpy asks him to put such things out of his mind. Ansh declares that he just wants Vanraj and does not want Titu. Dimpy becomes agitated because Ansh is thinking the wrong things because of Vanraj. Anupama does a Bhajan and the Tulsi puja. She gets her day going. Shruti and Anuj awaken to the sound of Anupama singing. For her family and herself, Anupama offers her prayers. She desires the bravery to become victorious in the contest. Anupama draws Anuj's attention. Shruti is concerned about this. Anuj claims that this item was absent from his home. Anuj heads over to say hi. She expresses her regr