Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama's Written Update for March 25, 2024 Vanraj's predicament. Aadhya is asked to remember what Anupama told her about the vehicle accident and to exercise common sense by Anuj. For the sake of humanity, he claims, he would have saved the other individual in Anupama's place. He wants Aadhya to not beg for everything that matters. He requests that Aadhya develop some empathy. He claims that she was not taught this kind of inappropriate behavior by Shruti and Anupama. He issues a warning to her about treating seniors badly. He promises to cut off communication with her. He goes on to say he is more obstinate than she is. Anuj leaves. Aadhya is asked by Shruti not to try Anuj's patience once more. Adhya sheds tears. Conversely, Vanraj returns home with his family. Kinjal tells them the story of what happened. When Vanraj learns that Kinjal is in danger from the goons, he is astounded.

Vanraj is informed by Anupama that she has been explaining the same thing to him for several days. She warns him that there is a chance the goons will kidnap the children and sell them. In the event that any of the children are abducted, Hasmukh informs Vanraj that they lack the funds to pay a ransom. He requests that Paritosh inform the authorities about the thugs. Vanraj is informed by Anupama that they are aware of what occurs when a bullet is fired. They recall Samar's passing. She collapses. She begs Vanraj to give Paritosh a call again.

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Although Kinjal claims that they fled India out of terror, they are still experiencing fear now. Vanraj is asked by Dimpy and Kavya not to back Paritosh. Please give Paritosh a call back, Kinjal begs. He expresses regret to her. She had no idea the situation would go on for so long. He is asked if he wants the family to always be afraid by Hasmukh. Paritosh weeps, missing Pari. He wants to pay the family a visit. Anupama is aware of Vanraj's intense affection for Paritosh and his desire to keep him, but they must toughen themselves if they hope to change their kids. She begs him to consider Pari and Kinjal's security. She reminds him of his responsibilities.

Paritosh chooses to give Vanraj a call to inquire about Pari and Kinjal. Vanraj also chooses to give Paritosh a call. Paritosh doesn't answer the call because he happened to notice some goons at the same moment. He hears the goons conversing. His fear for his life increases. Vanraj admits to them that he is unaware about Paritosh. He avows that he is clueless regarding Paritosh's whereabouts. Anupama claims they have faith in him. Screaming, Pari approaches Kinjal. She claims to have experienced a nightmare. She begs Kinjal not to interfere with her and the family's Holi game. Kinjal gives her a hug. Vanraj promises that Pari's wish to play Holi with her whole family will come true. He assures her. Anupama promises to hold Paritosh accountable for his misdeeds.
Anuj feels uneasy. He meets with Shruti. She states that she would like to check on him. If he's still upset, she asks. He claims that if Aadhya misbehaves with someone, it is his fault and that is why he is upset with himself. He expresses guilt for his upbringing and that he was unable to instill moral principles on Aadhya. She can't do anything wrong, he continues, and he won't stand it. He hopes Aadhya gets what he's saying. Although he adores Aadhya, he is unable to stand by her when she makes a mistake. She corrects him, saying that Aadhya needs to accept responsibility for her errors. She is asked to picture Anupama's emotions when Aadhya mistreats her by Anuj. It's Shruti he apologizes to. When Aadhya arrives, she apologizes to Anuj. She acknowledges that she was wrong and that she now knows this. She is comforted by Anuj. Shruti informs them of the Holi celebration.
According to Aadhya, she has other plans for tomorrow. Anuj is asked to go with Shruti. Vanraj is spoken to by Anupama. A middle-class man, according to him, has a family, a home, and some money. He wishes to keep his family. The fact that Paritosh has opted for a criminal life hurts Anupama. He claims that Paritosh has always acted improperly and that there is never a reason for his behavior. They apologize for Paritosh's actions. She longs for Samar. The Shahs are shown celebrating Holi with Titu, Anuj, and Yashdeep in the upcoming episode. To meet Pari, Paritosh arrives there. Bhaang is eaten by Shruti. She and Anuj dance. Anuj thinks her actions are strange.


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