YRKKH 8th April 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update for April 8, 2024 Ruhi is shrugged by Armaan. Abhira is going to the temple to celebrate Akshara's birthday, but she is going to miss the Goenkas' departure. Surekha, Manish, and Swarna start looking for Ruhi. When they get at the Poddar residence, Manish asks Armaan where Ruhi is. Sadly, Armaan is clueless as to her whereabouts. Manish is informed by Kaveri that Ruhi has still not returned. Armaan decides to go in search of Ruhi after realizing how urgent it is that they find her. As this is going on, Abhira is growing agitated with Armaan for taking too long and is growing antsy while waiting for him. She thinks he doesn't care to find Ruhi and is focused on other things. In the end, Abhira chooses to celebrate Akshara's birthday on her own, without Armaan's assistance.

But in the midst of all this mayhem, Armaan finds Ruhi while driving. She begs him to leave her alone, though, as he approaches her. Despite Ruhi's first outburst, Armaan comforts her and checks on her. Later on, Abhira chooses to have fun and go along with the game despite the boy they are playing with outside. Manish is told by Kaveri that Ruhi is presently with Armaan. Manish tells Ruhi that he wants to talk to her, but Kaveri says she doesn't want to. Disappointed, Manish makes the decision to go back home. He was unaware that Ruhi would punish the entire family and harbor a resentment towards Akshara from the past.

When Abhira finds out that Armaan has planned Akshara's birthday in an orphanage, she is shocked. He queries Ruhi as to why she is angry with Manish while they wait for Armaan to deliver the cake. Ruhi clarifies that Akshara, who also kept Aarohi apart from Abhir and Abhimanyu, was the reason behind her death. When Ruhi starts crying, Armaan comforts her. While Abhira is still waiting for Armaan, Manish arrives at the orphanage to present the children with cakes, but she is unable to see him. She eventually calls out for him. Ruhi beseeches Armaan to stay by her side as the day begins. He consents to offer her consolation. Armaan decides to ignore Abhira's call despite receiving it. Abhira is the one who has to cut Akshara's birthday cake, according to the youngsters, though. Abhira joins in the fun, dancing merrily with the children till her mind wanders to Armaan.

But then she gets a startling phone call, bringing reality crashing down on her. Manish is surprised to see Ruhi when Armaan brings her to meet her family at the Goenka residence. Ruhi and Manish work things out and apologize to one another as Abhira dashes off to meet someone special. Ruhi asks Manish to give her some space, realizing that she needs time to collect herself. Both Abhira and Armaan try phoning each other but are unable to connect since they are preoccupied with their own jobs and emotions. Armaan worries for Abhira's safety and wonders where she is, while Ruhi searches for him wildly and eventually finds the confidence to tell him how she really feels.



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