YRKKH 5th April 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update for April 5, 2024 Missed was Akshara Abhinav. Recalling her moments with Armaan, Abhira clutches her pounding heart. She claims that it doesn't really matter if Armaan gave her a hug and a kiss. She feels the affection when she sings Armaan's name. Manisha queries Abhira about her reason for reciting Armaan's name. Abhira says she doesn't feel anything for Armaan. Manisha covers her with the tika. She reaches for her forehead, but Abhira stops her. She flushes as she remembers the kiss. Conversely, Charu receives lunch from Dev. It is revealed to her that he has made it. She said it's quite tasty. He claims that his cooking is lacking. After tasting it, he finds the food to be too salty. She declares her enjoyment of it. He begs her not to tell lies. About his divorce, she queries. He talks candidly about his union and separation. He claims that although he loved his wife and their child, she had an extramarital affair. Charu has sympathy for him. He claims he will always remember his first love.

Sanjay believes Kaveri made a poor choice. He claims he would have given Krish a slap to help him get back on track. She begs him to stop acting like Krish's adversary and to calm down. She counsels him to proceed cautiously. He queries her about his options. She begs him to exercise patience, saying that since Krish was well-raised and appreciates fine things, he will forgo his passion and go for luxury. Vidya hears Kaveri's scheme. Charu is taken home by Dev. If he can't go on with her, she asks. He chooses to speak with her afterwards. Kaveri desires that Krish take accountability. She longs for Rohit. Vidya confronts Kaveri and decides to speak out for Krish's prospects.

Kaveri believes that if Rohit had been living, he would have encouraged her. According to Vidya, Rohit would have supported Krish. She continues by saying that in addition to some freedom, the kids need Kaveri's love and support. Kaveri claims that she made a grave error by granting Madhav freedom. She renders Vidya mute. Ruhi and Abhira hang around with the cousins' group. Charu turns down Dev's call. She offers an explanation. It's Armaan. When Abhira sees him, she flushes. She discovers yet another benefit of Armaan. According to Armaan, he would give anything up for his cousins. He begins to show Abhira concern. Observing them, Ruhi becomes envious. Abhira begins to relish his company. Ruhi leaves. When Armaan gets to Ruhi, he inquires as to why she is unhappy.

He is asked if he kissed Abhira. She claims she was unaware that a one-year contract marriage permits kissing. He said that he felt joyful and emotional, and he is appreciative of Abhira for all that she has done for Krish. She is questioning his intentions, he continues, saying that it was a pure time. He is apologized to by Ruhi. Abhira gets ready for bed before Armaan enters the room. It's Armaan. Abhira collapses into his arms and melts into his affection. She hides her emotions. He's cute, in her opinion. He's a scary ghost, as she puts it. She can't help but grin and compliment his appearance. He enquires as to her illness. She goes to bed quickly in order to avoid the pointless talk. She can't resist having romantic dreams about Armaan. She wakes up with a yell.

Asking him about it, she discovers that Armaan is holding her hand. He claims that he accidentally held her hand while he was asleep. He is asked to lie on his side of the bed by her. He goes back to sleep. Manish calls Madhav the following day. Thanks for the great tips, Madhav. Manish asks for his assistance in locating his grandchildren and daughter. I am prepared to assist Madhav. He is thanked by Manish. Upon seeing the photos of Akshara and Abhinav, Abhira becomes tearful. She chooses to create a sizable collage. Manish frames the picture of Akshara. The pictures are switched. Abhira discovers that Akshara is related to someone else. She resolves to learn more.


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