YRKKH 3rd April 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, April 3, 2024 The origin of Abhira. When they get to the restaurant for supper, Madhav asks Vidya about her concerns. Vidya worries that although though Manish and Swarna were spending time together, they weren't alone. Manish looks at Swarna questioningly, and she asks him why he picked this particular restaurant. Vidya is encouraged to start over by Madhav, but she says no. She adamantly rejects him despite his repeated requests for her to give it a shot. Manish is trying to persuade Swarna to celebrate Akshara's birthday, she admits. But she says no when Manish asks for her help. Armaan is urged by Abhira to swear he won't tell anyone about their scheme.

When Ruhi confronts Armaan, he deceives her. She believes that Armaan and Abhira are hiding something. Madhav and Manish talk about their predicament. Swarna is informed by Vidya that it is too late to make amends with Madhav. Manish is advised by Swarna not to brood about the death of their child. Madhav says he wants to give Vidya another chance because of their kids, Abhira and Armaan. Madhav is encouraged to think about his happiness by Manish. Vidya and Swarna concur that remembering the child who is no longer with them is important. While Vidya is sleeping, Abhira gives her support and begs her to pardon Armaan. Ultimately, Vidya, Madhav, Manish, and Swarna join forces for a couple's dance.

Abhira gets busy getting everything ready for the inauguration. Ruhi cuts him off, accusing Abhira of giving Armaan false lessons. Frustrated, Abhira asks Ruhi to stop interfering with her personal matters. A furious dispute breaks out between the two as a result. Ruhi makes fun of Abhira's transient position as Armaan's wife. Relentlessly, Abhira says that she will always be called Armaan's wife, no matter what happens.

In addition, Ruhi worries about Armaan's wellbeing and imagines Abhira and Armaan having a private time. Arguments between Armaan and Abhira are common. Abhira files a leave of absence request for personal reasons. Armaan looks further, curious as to why she would say it. Akshara's birthdate is kept a secret by Abhira. Ruhi consequently insists that Manish visit the hospital for medical attention. Observing his hesitation, Swarna pledges to go with him. Additionally, she tells Manish to give up looking for Akshara's daughter. However, Vidya prohibits Abhira from accompanying her to the inauguration. Even with this limitation, Abhira is still committed to completing her plan.


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