YRKKH 2nd April 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update for April 2, 2024 Abhira's scheme. Abhira enters the room, playsfully taunting Armaan and suggesting that she give him a massage on his neck. But he asks that she not be too harsh. He realizes he left Ruhi's tiffin behind once she complies. He quips that he no longer needs her massage as he gets to his feet. Abhira becomes enraged by this remark and begins to talk nonstop. After taking a quick look around the space, Krish gets up to go get a drink of water. Armaan runs to comfort him and gets him a drink as he stumbles. Armaan wonders what happened, feeling worried. Krish's mind wanders back to Sanjay. Kaveri declares that tomorrow is the inauguration day for the newly completed wing. She gives Armaan a toffee and blesses him as everyone congratulates him.

until Abhira tries to take a picture, she stumbles and everyone smiles until Armaan catches her hand. When she proudly shows everyone the nameplate she prepared for the new wing's legal head, they are all taken aback to find Sanjay's name on it. After noticing that Armaan has been quite busy lately, Kaveri chooses to designate Sanjay as the legal head. Sanjay feels amazing when he is around Abhira and Armaan. Abhira tells Armaan that she wants his trust and that she will stop at nothing to improve him. She asks for his help. Armaan asks what her strategy is. He queries her about her activities. How is Abhira going to improve Armaan's situation? Continue reading.

Kaveri informs the family that Armaan's obligations have caused him to become quite busy lately. She requests that Sanjay take the job. Sanjay is touched by this honor. Vidya regrets Armaan's situation. Armaan understands that his backing of Abhira has cost him. He gives Sanjay his congrats. Vidya is also aware of Kaveri's recent actions. She confides in Madhav about her doubts. Abhira believes Kaveri is unjust. Kaveri requests that Manisha organize the event well. She wants Sanjay to feel happy following the offensive chapter. Abhira is urged by Ruhi not to annoy Kaveri. She wishes for Kaveri to never become enraged with Armaan once more. Is she thinking about herself, Abhira asks. Ruhi greets Armaan and inquires about his well-being. Yes, he responds. About him, he believes Kaveri is correct. Ruhi claims that all of Abhira's responsibilities fall on him.

She believes that the family turned against him because of Abhira and that their tale is unfinished. He's at a loss, she says. He regrets that he caused Abhira's mother to pass away. If he loses his happiness and breaks down, it doesn't matter to him. He regrets Akshara's passing. He is aware of Abhira's kindness in not punishing him. He desires to look after Abhira. Ruhi expresses regret. He expresses his concern for Krish. She swears to look after Krish. She has his gratitude. He desires to assign Abhira Krish's responsibilities. She assures him that Krish will come first. He concurs.

In the meantime, Charu runs into Dev and they have a furious disagreement. He claims it's too soon for her to judge him. He discloses that he has a two-year-old boy and is a divorcee. He informs her that he is battling for custody of his son. She gives him an embrace and expresses her sympathy. She tells him she loves him. She promises that their connection will never end. When Manish considers Akshara's birthday, he becomes restless. Akshara's diary is read by Abhira. She finds out that Akshara quit music due to stress at work. Manish hears Akshara's song and recalls her. Without realizing it, he calls Abhira.

He begs Ruhi to stop giving him advice all the time. She accuses Abhira of causing him difficulties. Manisha informs Ruhi that Armaan and Abhira are not under her guardianship. She begs her to keep her hands off their business. Ruhi becomes agitated. In order to maintain harmony within the family, Armaan asks Abhira to refrain from fighting with Ruhi. She begs for his trust. She declares that she needs his help. She shows him that Krish is capable of walking by bringing him near Krish. It surprises Armaan to see Krish.

Krish claims he intended to inform Armaan. Abhira requests that Armaan give Krish a single listen. Krish expresses regret to Armaan. He claims that Sanjay is to blame for his injuries. The hate from Sanjay has broken him. Abhira inspires him to pursue his goals. Armaan consents to support his brother as well. Krish is urged by Abhira and Armaan to be honest with the family. Ruhi lashes out at Abhira. She sobs as she discovers Armaan and Abhira making love on the grass.


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