Jhanak 17th April 2024 Written Update

Jhanak Written Update for April 17, 2024 Jhanak calls Tejas out. Jhanak and Anirudh look at each other, and then Choton starts crying. Shrishti claims to have introduced Jhanak to the location, and Bipasha stresses the significance of maintaining confidence in the wake of discovering the truth. Tanuja views Anirudh's defeat as a success, while Shrishti thinks that since Jhanak is getting married, it will alter her destiny. They talk about what they want out of the wedding. Anirudh is snapping pictures when Arshi interrupts. She expresses her worry that Jhanak would suffer misfortune as a result of Avinash's father's passing. She is reassured by Anirudh that they have done their share and are powerless over everything.

Jhanak loses her footing and places the varmala around Anirudh's neck by accident as Arshi departs. Jhanak and Anirudh exchange a lengthy look. Arshi is incensed by this, but Anirudh stands by Jhanak's decisions. After that, he hands her the garland, but Tejas demands to have a new one. Shrishti chastises Jhanak out of frustration, but Anirudh explains that people make errors. Arshi contends that making a mistake of this magnitude is unacceptable. Anirudh makes it clear that nobody was at fault and that he was just there to snap pictures. Given the limited time, Shrishti encourages them to complete the rites as they must depart at night.

Tanuja concurs and recommends switching to a fresh garland. Lal goes to get one fast, and Jhanak wraps it around Tejas' neck, and Tejas returns the favor. The bride and groom are then asked to clasp hands and recite the mantras by the Pandit. Shrishti pushes them through the rites in an attempt to get things done quickly. Anjana sobs in the meantime, realizing that Jhanak would soon go from their life. She expresses her longing for Jhanak, to which Bablu comforts her by saying that if fate permits it, they can still stay in contact. Bablu states that because Jhanak gifted Appu with an abundance of love that we would always cherish, she will always be a part of our lives. Anjana observes that Appu seems depressed.

After that, Tejas and Jhanak sit down at the mandap, and when she sees his face, she's shocked. She wonders if he is really Avinash or if it's someone else as he reaches for the sindoor. She immediately interrupts him before he can finish the rite. She stops him from donning sindoor because she questions his identity. She wonders how she can be sure that he is Avinash in the true sense. Shrishti starts to feel uneasy. Jhanak is adamant that she must see his face before the nuptials. Shrishti clarifies that he will only unveil his face following the wedding in accordance with his family's custom.

Jhanak, on the other hand, is adamant that she won't be married until she sees him. Bablu concurs with Jhanak's position. Tanuja says that Avinash's family has a certain custom. She then turns to face Jhanak, offering her the choice to marry Avinash or be alone for the rest of her life. Dadi chastises Jhanak as Bipasha and Mimi nag her to perform the sindoor rite and threaten to harm her if she doesn't. At last, Jhanak gives in and says she never committed to marrying Avinash and doesn't care if the marriage doesn't work out as long as he doesn't show his face.

Vinayak is urged by Shubh to observe the scene, but Shrishti steps in and tells them it's useless because they can't see the groom's face. To everyone's surprise, Jhanak gets up and says she won't get married unless Avinash reveals his face. In a quiet moment, Anirudh asks Avinash to show Jhanak his face. Jhanak surprises them by removing her veil and reveals who she is. Subsequently, Shrishti requests that Tejas rub sindoor on Jhanak's forehead. Anirudh breaks up, saying that he will have to accept the sindoor that was previously imposed to Jhanak.


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