GHKKPM 8th April 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update for April 8, 2024 Savi enamored. Savi promptly lights a small fire to help Ishaan dry his clothing after he sneezes. She then extends an offer for him to use her saree pallu as a hair towel. Ishaan questions Savi about her behavior since he is curious, and she merely says there's nothing to be concerned about. After getting into the car, they both head back home. Upon returning, Ishaan responds to Yashwant, Surekha, Reeva, and other family members' worries by telling them he is okay. Ishaan continues by explaining to his family how they became lost in the middle of the night. When Surekha inquires about Harini's condition, Savi responds that the doctor's prognosis indicates she will soon recover.

Surekha fears for Reeva, though. She believes that Savi will leave the house after Harini recovers, and Reeva will take her place. Surekha questions Ishaan about his injury after noticing it, and Savi tells her that he got it while assisting Harini. Surekha then asks Reeva to replace the bandage, but Savi offers to take care of it instead. Savi says "yes" and heads off when Ishaan asks her to attend college. Unable to locate a car, Savi asks Ishaan for a ride, and he agrees, but Reeva informs him of his injury. Reeva offers to fire Savi as well as Ishaan as a solution.

Savi is displeased as Ishaan demands that she sit in the back seat rather than with him as they are getting into the car. Even when Savi starts to fall in love with Ishaan, he simply sees her as his duty. What will happen when their hearts unite in love and responsibility? Will they come together? Will Surekha enable Ishaan to go on with Savi and forget about his obligation to Reeva? For the written update on April 8, 2024, GHKKPM Savi in love, continue reading.

Savi is upset by Ishaan and Reeva's growing closer. They take Reeva's car and head to college. Reeva focuses on her driving. She tunes on to the radio. The radio plays love tunes, as usual. Savi gives Ishaan a tender glance. Ishaan may have spent the entire night awake, according to Reeva. Ishaan keeps his presence awake for Savi's benefit from her. He claims he is unable to take any time off. Reeva is asked about her growing responsibilities by him. He lets out a sneeze. Savi and Reeva wish you blessings. He gives them thanks. Reeva claims she enjoys her job at the Bhosle Institute. He asks her if she'd be willing to travel to Paris for work related to the college. She informs him that their honeymoon destination was considered to be Paris. She says she's sorry to bring it up. Savi is uneasy.

She says she has to get some stationery, so she will go for a walk. Savi is dropped by Reeva. Savi is disappointed in herself for putting herself in the way of Ishaan and Reeva's planned trip to Paris. She wishes to avoid feeling awful. She claims that after lying, she exited the vehicle. She purchases an ice cream to lift her spirits. Ishaan notices Savi eating an ice cream cone before the automobile travels very far. He becomes curious about what she is doing. Reeva locates Ishaan missing. She queries his desire to bring her along. He claims that the initiative is significant to them and that she is well worthy. She consents to go with him. When Surekha pays Swati a visit, she informs her that Reeva and Ishaan may get married. She claims that Harini is doing better and that Savi will move out of their home permanently after she recovers. She desires the marriage of Reeva and Ishaan. Hearing this news makes Swati very happy.

They will joyfully celebrate Gudi Padwa, she said. She also offers prayers for the union of Reeva and Ishaan. As he hands out test papers, Ishaan converses with the pupils. He continues to sneeze. He gives Navya praise for winning the essay writing competition. The pupils debate whether or not Savi actually wrote the essay. Savi, according to Ishaan, has not performed well. He urges the pupils to put in a lot of effort and concentrate on their coursework. Savi informs him that she would like to retry the essay—not for the grade. He consents to help her as she has to put in a lot of effort to do well on tests. The cold starts to bother him. She feels bad about his illness. She goes to make him some kada at the campus canteen. She gives Ishaan the kada. The cold interferes with Ishaan's ability to do his job.

He is asked by Reeva how he got a cold. Reeva is informed by Savi that she was left trapped in Ishaan's car, afraid, and that he spent the entire night outside the vehicle guarding her while it rained and he became ill. Reeva probes him. He accepts the kada from Savi. The fact that Ishaan kept Reeva in the dark bothers her. She is reprimanded by him for wasting time and skipping the lecture. She doesn't have to skip the lecture since he will be taking his medication, he assures her. He warns her that if she doesn't take her studies seriously, she won't be able to achieve her goals. Surekha starts to believe that if Harini heals, Reeva and Ishaan would get back together. She receives gifts for each person. She is asked if she has purchased the entire mall by Yashwant.

She displays the clothing she purchased for each person. She tells him that since Savi had done so much for Anvi, she had purchased a saree for him. She goes on to say that she also did shopping for guys. He approves of her decision. She presents Chinmay with the Kurta. Yashwant snaps and flings the Kurta off. He claims that even though he knows his parents are waiting, Chinmay never shows up. She requests that he give Chinmay a call and talk to him. He won't give his son a call. He claims that Chinmay is not his son but rather an open wound. He is against Chinmay returning home. Chinmay can be seen checking into a motel. Chinmay should leave, according to Yashwant, or else he would damage lives. It appears that Chinmay is bothering the hotel personnel and making amends for his rudeness.

Chinmay, according to Yashwant, will ruin their reputation. They cannot deny their son, according to Surekha. He claims that due of Chinmay's poor behavior, he does not consider him to be his son. Chinmay requests the room keys from the manager. About Shikha's yearning for Chinmay, Surekha inquires. She is asked by Yashwant to ensure that Shikha doesn't make any mistakes. It's she that he wants in charge. He says there's no way Chinmay will return home. Surekha sheds sad tears.


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