GHKKPM 5th April 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update, April 5, 2024 Savi's romantic phone call. Savi's hunger pangs as she waits impatiently for Ishaan to arrive. She reaches out to him, but he's too focused on the pitch. Thankfully, Rudra agrees to fund Ishaan and Reeva's medical wing after being impressed by their presentation. Reeva receives appreciation from Ishaan for the winning pitch. But when he gets there, he finds that Savi has already departed without eating and that he has made seven attempts to reach him. Ishaan realizes his error and chases after her. Reeva updates Swati on the circumstances in the interim, and Swati makes comments to Savi. Ishaan comes up to Savi and says he's sorry for not telling her that his friend Rudra is at the restaurant. He clarifies that they had spoken to him about their new medical wing. Savi remarks that she would have like to have known ahead of time. Ishaan apologizes once more.

Afterwards, he takes Savi to her favorite restaurant, Teju's Chinese corner. They eat together. When Reeva sees them, she becomes jealous. Reeva is asked by Swanand if she still plans to meddle in their relationship. Savi comes to terms with her feelings for Ishaan. She writes "I love you" next to Ishaan's picture in the classroom. She hastily closes the book and leaves when she notices her classmates approach. She drops her book and runs into Ishaan at that very moment. He gets it for her, respectfully. After that, Savi snaps a picture of Ishaan and discovers that she has scribbled "I love you" inside her book. Savi says goodbye, expresses her love, and quickly leaves. For the written update on April 5, 2024, GHKKPM, continue reading.

To see Harini, Ishaan and Savi travel to the hospital. They discover Harini's dire situation and inquire about her with the physician. Harini's illness is complex, the doctor says, and the specialist isn't in Pune to treat her. She is asked to call any other specialist by Ishaan and Savi. According to the physician, Dr. Dave will arrive eventually. She makes an effort to steady Harini. The dialysis equipment are not operating, and the nurse reports that there is an electric short circuit in the power box. According to the physician, Harini cannot survive without dialysis. The doctor is asked by Ishaan if Harini should be rushed to a nearby hospital.

They become aware of a fresh issue. The ward boy reports that the hospital's exit is blocked by the minister's men. Ishaan worries that Savi will always be without Harini. For Harini's benefit, Savi begs her to awaken. Ishaan promises to keep Harini safe. Harini is lifted by him and taken. Some people argue with the medical staff and impede them. Ishaan continues to run to help Savi.

Shikha is informed by Asmita that although Savi is not accepted by the family, she has managed to save both of her daughters. She is appreciative of Savi. Surekha hears them aloud. According to Durva, Savi is astute and acts only in pursuit of her goals. She believes that Ishaan is innocent and that Savi tricked him. She invites Surekha to share her thoughts with them regarding Savi. Durva is asked to stop hating Savi by Anvi. Durva thinks she is correct in her assessment of Savi. Surekha cannot express her feelings. Savi and Ishaan discover the lift off. He leads Harini over to the stairwell. The poor quality of care that the hospital provides infuriates the men of the minister. They quarrel with the medical staff and violently break items. They obstruct the path and protest.

Savi is told by Ishaan not to worry about the obstacle. He steps into the throng and grabs Harini. Ishaan has Savi's backing. At last they reach the door. At the gate, they observe another demonstration in progress. They can't go, the police say. According to Savi, her sister is essential. Ishaan manages to escape the hospital grounds in a different way. He leaps forward, holding Harini in his arms. He trips and falls on the pavement. Savi cautions him to use caution. To get Harini to the other hospital, he travels two kilometers. He queries Dr. Dave. When he visits the doctor, he asks him to keep Harini alive. Dave the doctor declines to treat her. He is urged to save Harini's life by Ishaan. He starts crying uncontrollably. Savi witnesses Ishaan's labors. She worries a great deal for Harini as well.

The physician is persuaded to see Harini by Ishaan. Savi thinks about her savior, Ishaan, and prays for Harini. Surekha gives Ishaan a call to find out where he is. He informs her about Harini's importance. He advises that Harini should be sent to a different hospital for emergency care. She requests that he update her about Harini. She informs Yashwant about Ishaan and Savi's hospitalization. She goes on to discuss Harini's dire situation. If something were to happen to Harini, she worries that Savi would remain in their family forever. Ishaan and Savi are told to calm down by Dr. Dave because Harini is not in danger.

Gratefully, Savi gives Ishaan a hug. After noticing his pain, she apologizes. He is an angel in her life, in her opinion. He invites her to go see Harini. Harini and Savi meet. She asks Harini to stay forever. She is fortunate to have a husband like Ishaan, the nurse informs her. Savi sees the kindness and compassionate side of Ishaan. Ishaan captures her heart.


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