GHKKPM 4th April 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Date of Ruined Written Update: April 4, 2024. Ishaan is informed by Savi that she is extremely hungry. He asks her to hold on for a little while. Savi declines to place the meal order. She is asked to simply order the food by Ishaan. The pricey food, according to her, won't be absorbed. She's in the mood to visit the Chinese corner along the road. He asks her to stop talking strangely. She recommends that he place the meal order. He claims not to be aware of her preferences. She claims she is not throwing any tantrums. Ishaan places numerous food orders. Savi halts him. To save money, she places the meal order. Before the dinner arrives, he invites her to try the Kimchi. Savi can't use the chopsticks to eat it. She learns how to handle chopsticks from Ishaan. The people are staring, she finds.

It is not illegal to learn anything new, therefore he encourages her not to worry about the people. When Reeva arrives, she discovers them both together. She'd rather go someplace else. She informs Swanand and Swati that they are going to a different restaurant. They inquire as to the cause. Reeva stays silent about seeing Savi and Ishaan. Reeva and her parents are seen by Ishaan. He says to Savi that he will simply come say hello. When he first sees Reeva, he tells her that he's shocked to see her. Reeva claims that she was unaware that he would be dining at the same establishment. Savi welcomes them as well. She invites them to come along.

Swanand said they wish to spend time together as a family. Savi and Ishaan go back to their dinner. Reeva is asked not to hurry away by Swanand. Savi, according to Swati, is relating to Ishaan. Swanand requests that she acknowledge Savi's status as Ishaan's wife. His goal is to help Reeva have a bright future. He cautions Swati against deceiving Reeva. They are greeted by the manager. She talks about Savi and Ishaan, the restaurant's 100th couple.

Ishaan runs into Rudra, a friend. He informs Rudra that he would like to meet with him to discuss funding proposals for the new medical wing. Ishaan doesn't have to schedule any appointments in order to see friends, according to Rudra. Additionally, he says, he had a meeting set, but the client was not present. He wants Ishaan to talk about the strategy. The plan is not yet ready, according to Ishaan. Rudra is asked to wait when he notices Reeva present. He approaches Reeva to inquire about the strategy.

He expresses regret to Swanand and Swati. He requests to have temporary use of Reeva because there is work related to the new medical wing that has to be discussed. Reeva is asked to go by Swati. Ishaan brings Reeva to Rudra while Savi waits for him. Ishaan asks Reeva to accompany him, saying that together they can close the sale and make the greatest presentation. Reeva nods cheerfully. Swanand is informed by Swati that Reeva has left for her job. Reeva is taking on the project, he claims, only for Ishaan's benefit. He asks her to get over her self-deception. Savi is starving and keeps waiting for Ishaan. The dish is presented.

Ishaan answers Savi's phone without noticing. She becomes upset because he abandoned her. Rudra hears the idea explained by Reeva and Ishaan. Rudra finds Reeva's suggestions impressive. He declares that their idea is excellent and that he will provide funding for it. He continues by saying he will set up a formal meeting and complete the necessary papers. Ishaan becomes joyful. Savi keeps phoning Ishaan. He has his phone set to quiet. Reeva discovers Ishaan grinning contentedly. He gives her the credit. Ishaan expresses gratitude to Reeva for persuading Rudra with her persuasive pitch. Reeva knows more than he does, he claims. He discovers Savi is gone. He looks through Savi's missed calls. He learns that Savi departed from the waitress.

Reeva is asked by Ishaan to take his card and pay the bill. He informs her that he must hurry because Savi needs him. Reeva requests that the waitress divide up the food. She visits her parents. Rudra liked the pitch, she says. Swati asks Ishaan why he left. Savi, according to Reeva, left. Savi is dubbed a drama queen by Swati. Reeva said that Savi felt betrayed and departed when Ishaan became preoccupied with the presentation and forgot about him. Swati is aware that Reeva is upset about leaving Ishaan's life. Ishaan fears that everything was ruined by him. He heads out to find Savi. He discovers Savi strolling beside the road. He pulls over and motions for her to get in. Savi declines and would rather stroll. He gets out of the car and chases Savi. She informs him that after taking her out to supper, he left her to visit his pals. She continues, saying she is angry with him. He expresses his regret to her and explains why he met Rudra. Ishaan attempts to make up with the date that went wrong.

He makes it clear that Rudra is his childhood buddy, that he invests in startups, that he is unable to take money from Mukul, and that he is trying to close a transaction with Rudra. He apologizes for not knowing about her calls because he had his phone in silent mode. He is pardoned by Savi. Her stomach growls, and he hears it. They visit her go-to Chinese restaurant. She places the meal order. They take pleasure in the meal. Reeva sees Ishaan and Savi together as she drives via the same route. Even though Reeva knows she won't succeed, Swanand begs her not to stand in the way of Ishaan and Savi. Reeva sheds tears. When Savi gets a call, she seems surprised. She informs Ishaan of Harini's dire situation. She dashes to the hospital after finishing the meal.


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