GHKKPM 3rd April 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update, April 3, 2024 Date IshVi. Ishaan is appreciative of Savi. To help him organize a surprise for Savi, he turns to Reeva. He becomes sympathetic to Savi. Savi sleeps with his hand in hers. There's no escaping her for him. His jacket zip becomes stuck on her bracelet. His attempt is to rouse her. All he can do is take off the jacket and leave it there. He walks over to unpack her bag. When Savi awakens in the morning, the bracelet is adhered to the jacket. She searches for her purse. Clothes are neatly folded in the cupboard, she discovers. She knows it was done by Ishaan. Ishaan gives it to her in a note. He proposes to have supper with her. She questions Ishaan's desire to take her out to dinner. Shikha tells Savi to simply go so he doesn't lose this opportunity. Savi explains that Ishaan is taking her out to supper, which is something new for her. She won't go. She doesn't think they'll quarrel again.

She should message Ishaan and go, Shikha suggests. Savi is unsure if she ought to go. When Anvi meets them, she finds out about Ishaan's meal schedule. Savi is asked to put down her thoughts and respond to Ishaan. She commands Savi to go enjoy himself with Ishaan. She's positive he's arranged a memorable dinner date. Savi is informed by Anvi that a gown is acceptable. She honors Savi, who is now her Bhabhi. Savi suggests that they just stay friends. If not a gown, Shikha requests Savi to wear a saree. Anvi and Shikha resolve to assist Savi in preparing for the momentous occasion.

Reeva, however, informs Ishaan that Mukul has taken the money out. According to him, he will run across his friend, who plans to invest in the new medical wing. Please just continue doing your job, he begs. She invites Ishaan to lunch. He receives Savi's word of confirmation. He is happy. She assures him that he may present Savi with a lovely gift. He claims to have asked Savi to supper. Does he think he done it right? Yes, she responds. She continues by saying she has chosen the present. Ishaan says he wants to give Savi a demonstration of his efforts. She done a lot for Anvi, and for that he is grateful. She apologizes and says she feels awful. Swanand discovers Reeva distraught. He poses the question. Reeva informs Swati that she has placed an order for Savi's gift.

She answers when Swati asks why. Reeva claims that although Ishaan had previously asked Savi to dinner, he still wanted to thank Savi, therefore she had ordered a gift. Swanand queries Swati about the situation. According to Swati, it's merely an act of gratitude. She is certain that after her sister recovers, Savi will quit Ishaan's life. Swanand calms Reeva down. They're going to go out to dinner, he says. Reeva is unwilling to leave. She is persuaded to give her parents some time by Swati and Swanand.

Savi and Ishaan visit the eatery. They are greeted unexpectedly. They will receive special attention because they are the 100th couple, according to the management. Is there love between them, she wonders. They are husband and wife, he claims. The manager says nice things to Ishaan and Savi. Check out the special date menu, she asks them. The setting up of the occasion gets really romantic. Savi seems uneasy to Ishaan. Why did he invite her to supper, Savi wonders. Ishaan claims he merely wished to express his gratitude. She acknowledges the possibility that she made some errors. He shocks her and says thank you for assisting Anvi.

When he has failed to defend his sister, he assures her that she has done a lot for Anvi. Savi claims to have anguish in her heart, therefore she has witnessed and empathized with Anvi's suffering. She has accomplished an excellent feat for which he is grateful, therefore he asks her not to be modest. She queries why, in order to express a simple "thank you," he brought her to the fancy restaurant. When she sees the pricing of the dishes, she is shocked. She won't eat at a location this expensive. With everyone staring at her, Ishaan motions for her to take a seat. Reeva arrives at the same restaurant as her parents. Seeing Ishaan and Savi off on a romantic date shocks Reeva.


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