Anupama 9th April 2024 Written Update


Anupama Written Update, Victorious, April 9, 2024. Anupama is asked about her food by George. She tells him about her distinct style and the dish Undhiyu. She claims to be using less oil now. She rushes and uses her left hand to work. She finishes the cooking and styling within the allotted time. Hasmukh questions Anupama's ability to cook using just one hand. Anupama is a rockstar, according to the children, and she will triumph. When Leela and Vanraj ask Ansh to quit playing female games, they once again demonstrate their conventional thinking. They get into a fight with Hasmukh. He advises them to instill a respect for women in their boys by teaching them how to cook. He requests that Ansh take up cooking since it will benefit him later. The children are motivated to emulate Anupama.

Anupama finds out that the selected competitors will receive a chef cap in addition to other benefits. Anupama observes the other competitors presenting their food for tasting to the judges. She becomes anxious that the judges won't enjoy her particular meal. She explains the cuisine, Undhiyu, and says she has made every effort to make it as healthful as she can. After tasting the food, the judges adore it. They are taken aback by Anupama's flawless food. A grateful Anupama thanks them. When she advances to the next round, she is given the chef cap.

With the unique ingredients offered, the judges instruct them to prepare international cuisine. Anupama tries her dish and finds it tasty as well. She snaps group selfies with all of them. Anupama is highly anticipated by Yashdeep and Anuj. Shruti talks about the cuisine. Yashdeep says he has to go make a phone call. When Anupama gets there, she informs Yashdeep of the wonderful news. He gives her his congrats. Anuj is pleased for her. He has emotional self-control. They see the chef cap displayed by Anupama. There, she spots Shruti and Anuj.

She claims not to have seen them. She expresses regret. Shruti remarks that it appears she has accomplished something. The fact that Anupama made it past the Superstar Chef competition's first round, according to Anuj, is significant. Anuj is asked by Shruti how she knows it. Anuj claims that he and Aadhya have watched the program. Shruti makes Anupama jealous by holding Anuj's arm. She remarks on Anupama. Anupama claims she is able to assist the restaurant in any way. She is invited to the Sangeet celebration by Shruti. Anuj requests that Anupama tend to her hand and assist the personnel with their duties.

Anupama and Yashdeep reassure him not to worry. Tomorrow, Shruti requests that Anupama prepare Undhiyu. According to Anupama, she prepared Undhiyu for the competition as well, and the meal helped her win. Anupama has made the meal that Anuj requested, according to Shruti. Anupama gets her task done. Yashdeep feels hesitant to inform her of some news. Pakhi and Dimpy are teased by Leela. Vanraj informs the family that he has decided to return to India, where he will take care of the project. The children ask him to return. Vanraj worries that he won't be able to handle Pakhi and Dimpy. They must go to Anuj's sangeet, Leela says. He makes sure they show up for the event. Anuj has vanished.

Shruti inquires about his well-being. He requests that she take a nap. When it comes to Anupama, she exhibits negative traits. Anupama is asked to take a break by Yashdeep. She claims that the restaurant is her home and that she is meticulous about details. He claims that Shruti is thrilled about the event. Is Anupama okay with seeing Shruti with Anuj, he asks? According to Anupama, she developed a habit of tolerating and experiencing pain. She goes on to say that Aadhya's hatred hurts her. Aadhya will soon forgive Anupama, he says. She becomes upbeat.


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