Anupama 5th April 2024 Written Update


Anupama Written Update for April 5, 2024 Inspiring rise. Shruti writes a note for Anupama after noticing that Anuj is busy. She finds an image of Anupama while searching through Anuj's wallet. After slipping and getting into a battle with several goons, Hasmukh tells Anupama. After finding out this, Anupama understands Hasmukh's predicament. Vanraj and Anupama give consolation to Hasmukh together. Vanraj, though, believes Paritosh is to blame for Hasmukh's anguish. Hasmukh asks Anupama about the competition in the meantime, and she replies that they are still awaiting results. Hasmukh comforts Anupama in turn, and the two go on to express their satisfaction at having just had an interesting audition. Kinjal, Dimple, and Kavya talk about Anupama's most recent meeting.

Unexpectedly, she encounters Anuj and Shruti. Anupama politely declines Shruti's offer to give her a ride to the restaurant. Shruti persists in trying to assist her in spite of her denial. Anupama feels uncomfortable and unpleasant about this. Later, Anupama's upcoming wedding is brought up by Shruti, who advises that she should go back to India afterwards. Positively, Anuj compliments Anupama's cooking abilities and says she's pleased to be selected for the Super Star Chef competition. Thinking about the next round of the competition, Anupama chooses to put her happiness first. Shortly later, Shruti tells her that the pictures of Anupama and Anuj are no longer required and returns some of them. Despite having an accident, Anupama is unwavering in her resolve to win the tournament. She gives herself motivation to succeed because of who she is. For Anupama's written update as of April 5, 2024, continue reading.

The picture of Anupama is missing from Anuj's wallet. Shruti swaps it out for her picture. He becomes agitated and believes that his romantic memories have been taken by someone. Anuj and Anupama experience the anguish of parting once more. Shruti approaches him, appearing to have done the right thing by taking Anupama's picture out of his wallet. He doesn't ask her any questions. Anupama burns the picture after taking someone else's lighter. She wants no memories to cloud her judgment. It's Shruti who likes flowers. Anuj summons the confidence to inquire about the lost picture. Is it something she knows about, he asks. He declares that he desires the old picture. She claims that Anupama has received it from her.

The fact that Aadhya and Anuj are no longer hers makes Anupama want to cry. They are not part of her destiny, thus she wants to avoid them. Anupama gives herself a pat. Anuj is overcome with regret. Conversely, Leela queries Vanraj regarding Pakhi. He claims that Pakhi has no choice but to follow Arush's lead and that he is a cruel man. He finds her to be untrue. He declares his desire to return the family to India. He regrets it. He goes on to say that Anupama has declined to sign the paperwork, Paritosh has brought turmoil into the family, and Pakhi is being disobedient. He chooses to return. He queries about Ansh.

Dimpy, according to Leela, has taken him out. He recalls what Titu said. Dimpy brings Ansh home. Vanraj probes him over the excursion. She claims to have gone grocery shopping. Why did she bring Ansh along, he asked her? She reminds him that Ansh is her son and she can take him without anyone's consent. He begs Ansh to swear to him that he will never leave his Dadu. Ansh gives him a hug and a promise. Ansh will always be with the Shah family, Vanraj assures Dimpy. She is against him.

Diya is pleased with Anupama's choice. She claims that Anupama's attempts to salvage the eatery were shared with her by Yashdeep over the phone. Anupama promises to put in a lot of effort to keep the business open. Diya is sorry to be adding to Anupama's already heavy load by assigning her a new duty. They had the opportunity to take part in the Indian dance ensemble concert, she claims. She desires that Anupama manage both the occasion and her performance. A big chance won, and Anupama feels happy. She promises to manage things without offering an explanation and to make time for her practice. In order to get closer to Anuj, Shruti creates moments with him. Anupama comes to Anuj's mind. He forces Shruti to examine the mangalsutra.

She expresses her liking to him. She requests that Anuj select the layout. He tells her that because she has to wear it, she can purchase anything she wants. He quickly answers Aadhya's call. Anupama assures Diya that dancing puts an end to her concerns. She is ecstatic. Diya promises to email her the dance vids. Anupama and Diya begin their practice regimen. Anupama breaks her right hand when she falls to the ground. She requests that Diya take her to the doctor right away. She sobs in agony and frets about the contest. Shruti and Anuj discover Aadhya in agony. They demand that she take medication. They find out about Aadhya's foot sprain from her friends. Aadhya has to see a doctor, according to Anuj.

Concerned that Pakhi has not returned home, Vanraj and Leela worry. He gives Pakhi a call and requests that she go back to India. Pakhi declines to return. When Pakhi shows little interest in her kid, Kinjal asks Leela to allow Ishani to live with Adhik. Vanraj loses it with Pakhi. Adhya is placated by Anuj. While they are in the same location, Anupama and Adhya get to interact. Anuj starts to worry about Anupama. Anupama is informed by Aadhya that her ankle is twisted. Anupama tells about how she fell. Yashdeep is concerned about Anupama's psychological strain. Anupama requests that Aadhya be treated. She requests that Aadhya be seen by the doctor first. She is concerned that Anuj and Aadhya have injection anxiety. She is asked not to worry by Yashdeep.

When Aadhya sees the injection, she screams. Anuj attempts to soothe her. Anupama arrives in Adhya to become her pillar of support. When Vanraj finds out Pakhi is with Arush, he continues to be concerned. He is questioned by Leela about why he wasted money on Pakhi's ticket. Kavya claims that Pakhi has been spoilt by the family. Leela believes Vanraj made a mistake by supporting Pakhi. Vanraj follows Pakhi. He promises to bring Pakhi back home. Anupama informs Aadhya and Anuj that it's over and they were unaware of it. She feels a similar connection to them. Anupama is later disqualified for arriving at the competition with an injured hand. She begs the judges to offer her an equal opportunity.


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