Anupama 3rd April 2024 Written Update


Written Update from Anupama on April 3, 2024 The Audit of Anupama. Anuj is informed by Shruti that Yashpal's large loans are the reason the restaurant is closing. She regrets the restaurant's fate. In the event that the restaurant closes, she claims she has no idea where Anupama and the other employees will go. Vanraj informs Paritosh that Anupama disagrees with him. He goes on to say that Ansh, not Dimpy, who might wed Titu at any point, will receive Samar's portion. He claims that Leela and Hasmukh are his parents and that because he is a good son, he will provide for their future. He denies Anupama the authority to speak on his behalf. Paritosh heads to the water. When they witness Hasmukh hurriedly entering the house, they are stunned. Hasmukh sustains damage. Vanraj attends to him right away and inquires as to who injured him. It is revealed to Vanraj and Paritosh that Ron has injured Hasmukh. A menacing note is delivered to them. Vanraj gets agitated.

In order to meet Biji, Leela arrives at the restaurant. When Yashdeep discovers the women fighting, he tries to diffuse the situation. Anuj shows up there to greet Yashdeep. Vanraj desires to denounce the goons to the police. The thugs, in Paritosh's opinion, are hazardous. Vanraj is unwilling to spare them. He breaks down in tears and talks about how important Hasmukh is to him. He wants his parents to be safe from any harm or risk. Paritosh claims that the thugs will find other ways to harass them and that the police report won't be of any assistance.

The goons want their money back, he says. He requests that Vanraj refrain from taking any action against Ron. Pakhi is discovered by Vanraj and Paritosh alongside Ayush. They are taken aback to find Pakhi enjoying Ayush's touch. Vanraj hurries over to confront Ayush for touching Pakhi, catching him in the act. Vanraj will be sent in jail, according to Ayush, who also promises to lodge a police report. Pakhi and Ayush receive a reprimand from Vanraj. He cautions Pakhi not to go see Ayush.

Anuj informs Yashdeep that he intends to purchase the eatery in order to preserve it, that he will provide financial support, and that Yashdeep will keep operating it. He also extends Yashdeep a loan offer. He requests that Yashdeep select his preferred choice. Anuj is asked by Yashdeep why the restaurant is significant to him. Anuj claims that Anupama values the eatery. Is he investing for emotional motives, Yashdeep queries. Anuj believes Anupama will increase his investment, and it's a wise choice. A heart never leads someone astray, according to Yashdeep. He appreciates the offerings. He promises to get back to him. If Anupama finds out about Anuj's investment, he claims she might quit her job there.

He makes it clear that their goal is to keep the eatery open. He is thanked by Yashdeep. Leela is given the tea by Anupama. She encounters Anuj. She's curious as to why he went to the restaurant. Anuj withholds information. Leela presses Anupama regarding Anuj. She thinks he need to pay attention to Shruti. She gets ready to compete in the culinary contest. Biji and Leela bless her. The employees hope for the best for her. Anupama becomes animated. She arrives at the audition. She becomes tight and goes momentarily blank. The judges inquire as to her comprehension of English. Anupama claims to know the fundamentals of English. She displays her food, which is fantastic. Anupama gives them an explanation of the dish. She dazzles them with the flavors of the food. She shares with them the history of her family.

She continues, saying she has cooked for the majority of her life. Despite lacking any prior business expertise, she discloses that she manages a cooking channel on YouTube in addition to working as a chef at an Indian restaurant. According to her, a woman's mothering experience qualifies her. She continues, saying that everyone understands that taste is the language of the program. She delivers a speech with confidence and declares, "I am here to win," at the end. Later, Anupama fractures her hand after falling during a dance class. She begs Diya to take her to the hospital while she cries in agony. Anupama finds it difficult to compete and prevail against the top chefs.


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