YRKKH 31st March 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, March 31, 2024 Akshara failed to make it. When Abhira goes to see where Ruhi is, Krish sees Sanjay and gets a call back. Krish regrettably had an accident. Concerned for Krish, Ruhi informs Abhira that Armaan has emailed her an update while he investigates. When Armaan finds out that Krish is in the hospital, he wishes to leave, but the client is adamant about talking about the matter. Notwithstanding this pressure, Armaan prioritizes Krish's welfare over the case. They all assemble to support Armaan as he concerns for Krish's future as he regains consciousness. While Sanjay understands Krish's predicament, the doctor gives him cautious walking advice. Kajal is concerned about Krish, and Manisha and Vidya are there to help. After Sanjay apologizes for what he did, Armaan comforts him.

Nevertheless, when the Poddars convey their concern for Krish, Abhira gets upset with Sanjay. When Vidya learns that Krish is ill, she insists that he stay with them until he gets better. She is also curious as to how he initially sustained his injuries. When Abhira tells the Poddars that Sanjay caused Krish's accident, Sanjay responds by defending himself. Armaan accuses Abhira of unfairly accusing Sanjay for this, but Abhira is adamant that Sanjay struck Krish. Ruhi enters the dispute and accuses Abhira rather than Sanjay. In response, Abhira notes that, similar to her, Ruhi is fatherless as well. The debate goes in the wrong direction. While Aryan and Kiara try to cheer him up, Charu encounters Krish.

Charu says she worries about Krish's welfare. Abhira accuses Ruhi of going too far in response to Ruhi's assertion. Sanjay storms out of the house as a result. After that, Kaveri accuses Abhira, who then berates Sanjay for his lack of parenting abilities. When Armaan asks about the specifics of Krish's accident, Charu asks Kajal to defend him from Sanjay while she stands at Abhira's side. Manish is occupied getting ready for Akshara's birthday. After all these years, Swarna wants to know why on earth Manish is making an effort to organize her special day. Manish has accepted that he must forgive Akshara in spite of their history. He realizes that he is missing her.

Ruhi and Abhira apologize and pledge to stop using cruel methods with each other. Ruhi unexpectedly stops by Armaan's workplace as night falls and convinces him to join him for supper. They spend some quality time together and take pleasure in one other's presence. But when Abhira arrives at Armaan's workplace and is startled to see Ruhi there, things take an unexpected turn. Ruhi is shocked as she asserts her position in Armaan's life right away.


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