YRKKH 29th March 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, March 29, 2024 Armaan rocking. For Abhira, Armaan makes a stand. He declares Abhira to be his wife to Sanjay. He cautions Sanjay to keep this in mind, failing which he risks forgetting Sanjay's agreements with the family. He takes Abhira home while holding her hand. With laughter, Abhira reenacts Armaan's movie scene. It was rather dramatic, according to her. Armaan requests that she cease. Thanking him, she says. To make her laugh even harder, he tickles her. As usual, Ruhi interrupts them to see their moment and becomes jealous. They have their time. Armaan is informed by Abhira that he has a neck injury. She queries why it is happening. Observing their intimacy, Ruhi sobs. If she had scratched his neck while he is sleeping, Abhira inquires. As she gives him the order to sit quietly, she massages his neck.

Ruhi is found sobbing by Armaan. Seeing the grief he has caused Ruhi, he becomes anxious. Ruhi disappears. Armaan informs Abhira that Kaveri is furious and that there is no way to win her over, and that the battle won't be easy. Abhira thanks him after he gives her a great suggestion. She promises to tell him about the concept. She continues, saying that Kaveri is unsure if Krish will pursue a career in music. She wants Kaveri to know that musicians and dancers are treated with the same dignity as other professionals. She claims that Kaveri need to witness Krish's talent and dedication at the college function. It appeals to Armaan. He agrees with her when she wonders whether he has changed. The loss of Rohit makes him unhappy. He is not willing to lose Krish. She assures him that they would realize Krish's ambitions together.

In addition, Kaveri finds out that Armaan misbehaved with Sanjay in order to benefit Abhira. Manish claims Sanjay instigated the altercation. When Sanjay gets to Poddar's house, he asks Kajal to accompany him. She is not welcome to enter Poddar's home, because he lacks respect. He's asked to step in by Kaveri. He declines. He informs her that they would never return home because Armaan offended him. Kaveri yells fiercely for Armaan to come. At the door, Armaan and Abhira discover Sanjay acting theatrically. Armaan tells her he'll take care of it. He is asked to apologize to Sanjay by Kaveri. That Armaan is only Abhira's husband now, Sanjay mocks. Armaan obeys Kaveri's instructions and apologizes to Sanjay for it. Abhira regrets Armaan's situation.

He claims he never intended for the family to suffer harm. Kaveri begs Sanjay to forgive Armaan with an open heart. She asks him to enter the house. Sanjay enters the room with pride and fixes his gaze on Abhira, demonstrating his ability to command respect. He is stopped by Armaan, who demands that he apologize to Abhira. He brings up his misbehavior with Abhira to Sanjay. Sanjay is shocked by him. Please just do it, he begs. Kaveri is asked by Sanjay what Armaan is up to. Armaan is restrained by Kaveri.

Sanjay ought to give Abhira an apology, according to Armaan. Sanjay accuses Abhira of stirring up strife among the family. He refers to Abhira as being in error. He is informed by Armaan that Kajal is the reason Sanjay is respected in the household. He wants to continue being accountable to his wife because he needs to protect her and make sure she is treated with the respect she deserves. Sanjay won't say sorry. He is asked not to hold any expectations from Armaan. Sanjay expresses gratitude to Kaveri for making fun of him. He storms off, dragging Kajal with him.

Concerned, the family sobs for Kajal. Kaveri becomes irrational. She furiously accuses Armaan. She believes Abhira is in charge of Armaan because she discovers him being held to ease his rage. He's a henpecked husband, as she puts it. She queries him about whether he only thinks about Abhira and ignores the family. When the whole family chants Abhira's name, she questions what she did. Kaveri is asked to calm down by Armaan. He stands up for Abhira. Abhira is skilled at making mistakes, according to Kaveri. She lists Abhira's transgressions and begs Armaan to stop defending his wonderful wife. She storms off in anger.

Charu, in the meantime, exhorts Krish to pursue his goals and not give up. No one, she claims, can alter the family's mentality. She doesn't believe Abhira can upend the Poddar family in any way. Armaan is upset that Abhira is being held responsible for something she did not do. Vidya eases his anxiety. He claims that juggling Abhira and their family is difficult for him. He talks on how difficult it is to maintain a healthy balance in all of his relationships after marriage, how his family doesn't trust him, and how he can't make them happy. He doesn't want to treat Armaan unfairly.

She regrets not standing up for him when he needed her support. She feels bad for not standing by him. She desires that Armaan and Abhira concentrate on their union. She claims that she can sense their affection for one another. Armaan makes it clear that Abhira is only his obligation and that there is no love involved. Ruhi finds his words comforting. Afterwards, Ruhi spends time with Armaan at his office. When Abhira discovers them together, she confronts them. According to Ruhi, Armaan is her friend. In response, Abhira says she has come to meet Armaan because he is her spouse.



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