YRKKH 28th March 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, March 28, 2024 Clash of Armaan Ruhi. Ruhi is encouraged to open up and express her emotions by Abhira. Ruhi decides to speak after giving it some thought, and Kaveri also encourages her to speak up. But Ruhi and Abhira both trip and fall. Fortunately, Swarna tells them that a higher force stepped in and stopped the truth about Armaan from coming to light. When they come to, Ruhi is taken aback by Kaveri's presence, while Abhira is taken aback to see Vidya. Kaveri then accuses Abhira of being wrongdoer and begs Ruhi to keep her distance from her. Ruhi, who values Kaveri's faith in Abhira's innocence, expresses gratitude to Vidya for intervening to support and comfort Abhira.

She also makes it clear that Abhira was ignorant of the drink's strength. Despite Abhira's explanation, Kaveri is not persuaded and doesn't believe her. Vidya gives comforting words to Abhira after Abhira thanks her for putting her trust in her. To Abhira's delight, Armaan wonders if she will attract Vidya's attention. Ruhi cuts off Vidya and Abhira from their chat as she begs them to stay in love. Taking advantage of the chance, Abhira queries Ruhi about her secrets. Everyone should keep their secrets buried, Armaan interjects. Kiara muses on how much fun the Holi festival was.

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In a separate context, Krish asks Sanjay for money and says he wants to study music and painting. Sanjay, however, rejects and calls Krish's suggestion absurd. Krish is quite offended by this. Krish considers a fallback plan. When Kaveri was drunk, Abhira remembers making fun of and harassing her. She keeps her back to Kaveri. But they have a furious dispute when they run into Armaan. In the confusion, Abhira misplaces her earring.

Vidya notices this and begs Armaan for assistance. Ruhi is jealous of this. Krish enters and distributes some candy to everyone. Sanjay became intrigued and inquires as to the cause. Krish discloses that he has enrolled in a music and art program. He claims he is glad he was able to pay the fines and that he sold his bike to do so. Sanjay becomes enraged by this and is ready to strike Krish when Armaan steps in.

While Kaveri supports Sanjay, Armaan stands up for Krish and offers to defend him. Ruhi begs Abhira to stay out of the fight in an attempt to diffuse the tension. Nevertheless, Abhira chooses to speak up for Krish, which makes Kaveri wonder if she should be involved in their family's situation. Then Armaan tells Abhira to stop interjecting. Sanjay's rage causes Krish to first consider leaving the house, but Abhira and Armaan are able to convince him to stay and stand up for his rights. Krish consents to remain with the family and defend his rights after some persuasion.

Ruhi becomes jealous of Abhira's companionship with Armaan and speaks out against her as a result. Armaan is extremely hurt by this, but Ruhi says she regrets what she said. Kajal hopes that Krish will succeed in his career, and Abhira urges her to support him. But Sanjay approaches Abhira angrily and tells her to leave the house. Unaware that he is listening in on their disagreement, Armaan intervenes on his wife's behalf. Abhira sees Armaan stand up for her.


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