YRKKH 27th March 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, March 27, 2024 Ruhi's shocking revelation. Abhira plays a music for Armaan and gives him instructions to dance. She rolls around on the ground, laughing at his foolish movements. He informs her that he is a lawyer and not a comedian here to amuse her. She asks him to do as she says. He wishes to avoid being blackmailed. Manish gives Ruhi comfort. Goenkas stands with Ruhi. They want Ruhi to decide what she wants to do with her life and move on. Ruhi claims that because she loves Poddar, she is unable to leave his home. Manish queries who she is referring to. Swarna lies and hides, saying that Ruhi is referring to Rohit. She wants Ruhi to keep the truth hidden. Abhira invites Armaan to enjoy himself by jumping on the trampoline. He claims he has no interest in having fun. She prevents him from moving forward.

He is initially reticent but eventually finds time to be enjoyable. He gives her thanks. Once more, he discovers her missing. Charu remembers how Dev cheated. She kicks a bamboo fiercely. The drapes that are drawn cover Abhira. Armaan dives to her defense. He motions for Ruhi to back off. Ruhi is saved by Manish. Abhira and Armaan hide behind the drapes. She talks funny enough for him to tire of. Ruhi is irate. For Ruhi, Armaan searches. Abhira is relieved to know that Madhav cares about her. According to Madhav, she is his daughter. She becomes sentimental. Madhav gives her a blessing. In a corner, Ruhi sobs. She is crying as Abhira discovers her seated beneath a table. To lift her spirits, she fetches jalebis.

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Ruhi is informed by Abhira that she want to inform Armaan's family of the marriage truth. She regrets telling them lies. She's ready to let go of the load. Is there no love between Armaan and Abhira, Ruhi asks? Abhira disputes ever loving someone. Ruhi becomes joyful. She adds that she would want to share a family secret with them. Ruhi and Abhira get up on the tabletop and reveal their secrets. Ruhi informs them that she only wants to provide them with the truth. Armaan and Swarna attempt to stop Ruhi since they share the same fear. Before she married Rohit, Ruhi informs them, she was in a relationship. She admits Armaan is her former partner. The family is taken aback. Later on, Abhira is shown battling the Poddars in order to uphold Krish's ambitions. Armaan stands up to Sanjay on behalf of Abhira.


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