YRKKH 26th March 2024 Written Update


YRKKH Written Update, March 26, 2024 confessions made while intoxicated. When Kiara and Aryan try to paint Ruhi, she refuses to participate in the Holi celebrations. She would rather Armaan begin with the hues. But Armaan decides to play Holi with Kaveri instead. Ruhi changes her mind and chooses to play with Armaan after spotting him. Manisha pushes Abhira, causing her to fall, as she watches. Armaan helps Abhira and tells her to walk correctly. Abhira admits that Manisha caused her to collapse. As Aryan gives him the duty of creating a unique combination, Kiara, Krish, Charu, and Aryan handle the Thandai preparation. The Poddars support Ruhi and Abhira and have a Thandai drinking contest.

Ruhi ultimately emerges victorious from Abhira as the competition's winner. Abhira makes the decision to tell her family the truth about her marriage after having a few too many drinks. But Armaan steps in and embraces her to stop her from doing that. She whispers that her marriage is only for a year and that she will be leaving Armaan and Poddar's house after that, but he grabs her tightly and closes her mouth. She is confident that she will pass her examinations and launch her profession in a year, at which point her marriage will dissolve due to her independence. Ruhi and Armaan are aware of this secret.

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To stop Abhira, he asks Ruhi for assistance. Ruhi and Abhira ascend to the summit in order to confess and share their secret. Armaan motions for them to both get down. Meanwhile, Armaan is shocked when Ruhi tells the Poddars about her romance. Ruhi informs them that she was in a relationship with a man named Armaan prior to meeting and marrying Rohit. Manish and Surekha are unaware of this truth, but Swarna already knows it. In a similar vein, the secret is unknown to the Poddar family. Kaveri appears astonished and irritated. Will the confession be ignored, or will Ruhi's love tale come to light? For the written update on March 26, 2024, YRKKH, continue reading.

YRKKH 26th March 2024 Written Update Drunken confessions:

Ruhi and Abhira start drinking. At the party, they dance. The bonding amongst them makes the family happy. Goenkas and the Poddars dance with all of their hearts. Ruhi and Abhira separate and start talking stupidly when intoxicated. Abhira claims she can't recall her name. Armaan's family witnesses the girls intoxicated. The jokes of Ruhi and Abhira are so humorous that the family laughs heartily. Kaveri gives them a fierce look. Armaan attempts to thwart them. Ruhi and Abhira begin to battle over him. When Abhira makes a mistake and forces Kaveri to eat a Gujiya, the humorous moments become tense. Abhira chuckles out loud.

Charu meets Dev on the opposite side. For Dev, Charu is content. He wishes to talk to her about his history. He questions whether or not she will keep up their relationship. He informs her that he must share with her some important information. She urges him to first wish her a happy Holi. Greeting Dev, the café manager inquires as to whether his wife was unable to accompany him. When Charu learns about Dev's marriage, she is astonished. Kaveri makes Abhira stop talking. She believes Abhira exploits opportunities to make fun of her. Vidya and Manisha stand up for Abhira. Kaveri is unwilling to chastise Ruhi. Kaveri is asked by Vidya to stop blaming Abhira. Manish extends Ruhi's regrets to them.

Ruhi and Abhira, according to Vidya, won't say sorry when it's not their fault. Abhira is their senior Bahu, therefore Kaveri believes she need to be aware of her limitations. Vidya quarrels with Kaveri. Abhira calms them down. She asks to share the top secret with them first. She informs them of Armaan and her short-lived one-year marriage. Armaan runs over to give her a hug. She means that their marriage is founded on love, he informs them. When Ruhi hears this, she starts crying. Armaan is asked by Sanjay to break the hug and look around the family. Armaan expresses regret to them. He separates from Abhira. Abhira seemed to want to add something more, Manisha feels. Charu becomes agitated. For cheating on her, she yells at Dev. He couldn't tell her the whole truth about his marriage, she informs him. She sheds tears.

He begs her to give him a listen once. She doesn't offer him an opportunity to clarify. She turns to leave. Manish is informed by Ruhi that she never seems wistful. Manish attempts to uplift her. Ruhi claims that she also misses Akshara. Abhira promises Armaan that in order to bring Vidya and Kaveri together, she will confess the truth. She wants to notify everyone and yell out loud. She is stopped by Armaan. She requests that he get her some jalebis. He requests that she have curd. She wants him to do a dance for her. He gives up. Abhira is subsequently seen encouraging Krish's ambition. Armaan asserts his support for Abhira.


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