YRKKH 25th March 2024 Written Update

 YRKKH 25 March 2024 Written Update: Entries by Armaan Ruhi. Kaveri is asked by Abhira to refrain from making fun of her upbringing. She disagrees with Kaveri's choice. She claims she has no idea what it's like to live in a joint family. She begs her not to become enraged with anyone. She doesn't want her hatred to overcome Kaveri's love. For the benefit of the family, she begs Kaveri to let her love triumph. She advises her to prioritize the happiness of the family. Goenkas show up dancing and playing Holi. The Poddars are taken aback. Kaveri is asked by Manish to let her family play Holi. He makes an impassioned speech that persuades her. Kaveri requests that the family prepare for Holi. Manish gives her thanks. She claims she isn't evil. Please let go of the previous chapters, Manish begs.

He claims that he got the concept for Holi after Abhira told him about the family's grief. The Holi function is enjoyed by the family. They are waiting for Armaan. Armaan enters with a bang. He and his cousins dance. Manisha praises Armaan for his outstanding performance. Next to arrive is Ruhi. It looks like Armaan is glad to meet her. Ruhi bids everyone a happy Holi and presents them heart-shaped balloons. Abhira is running late. She requests that they refrain from dressing in white to avoid spoiling them. She continues, saying that she dressed in her rags for the occasion. She wishes to avoid wasting any resources. Kaveri is still not happy with Vidya. Vidya hopes Kaveri's irritation is over. Ruhi promises to play Holi later. She desires that Armaan is the first to apply the Holi to her.

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Manisha watches as Ruhi and Armaan approach one another while wearing Holi colors. She forces Abhira into the embrace of Armaan. She thwarts Ruhi's schemes. Ruhi is envious as she watches Abhira and Armaan lock eyes. Abhira reports that Manisha shoved her to Armaan. Manisha informs Manoj that she is a member of Abhira's group. She claims that in an effort to spark their romance, she had pushed Abhira in the direction of Armaan. Charu considers going to meet Dev. For the Poddars, Aryan orders special thandai. Kaveri is asked to apply the Gulaal to Armaan. He's already played Holi, she says. He claims that Abhira is to blame for it. Abhira accepts the blessings of Manish. Manish gives her a Holi. They are invited to Krish's thandai competition.

Abhira and Ruhi take part in the tournament. Ruhi wishes to defeat Abhira. She triumphs in the match. As Armaan sees them, he becomes anxious. Abhira starts to feel tipsy. Abhira is prevented by Armaan from disclosing the details of their marriage vows. He claims that love is the foundation of their marriage. He conceals Abhira's error. Ruhi acknowledges that her first love was Armaan. The family is taken aback to learn this.


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