YRKKH 1st April 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, April 1, 2024 Krish's spirits are successfully raised by Kaveri's shocking Aryan and Kiara, and Kaveri gives Vidya instructions to stop Abhira from having tantrums. Sanjay leaves the room in defiance of Abhira's constant claims that he is to blame for Krish's fractured leg. Reprimanding Abhira, Kaveri emphasizes that Sanjay is the best attorney in the area. Before Abhira can ask more about Sanjay's parenting skills, Armaan interrupts her. As Armaan reassures Krish that he will heal and be able to resume all of his favorite pastimes, Kajal and Charu watch in silence. In an attempt to get clarification, Armaan questions Krish about his injury. When Krish sees Charu and Kajal, he starts crying.

Recognizing Abhira's assertion, Charu affirms that Sanjay is capable of rash decisions and that Krish has often felt his rage but has never defended himself. When Kajal sees Krish, she too begins to cry. In the meantime, Manish declares that he is planning a puja for Akshara and gives the Pandit his word that he would make all the necessary arrangements. He then discusses Akshara and her daughter with Swarna. Ruhi and Abhira cross paths, but they remain silent. Manish says he believes there is still some connection between his children, even if he is upset by the circumstance. Abhira walks up to Ruhi and apologizes, feeling regret. Ruhi pays Armaan a visit in his office, bringing food for him.

He accepts her suggestion to play with glasses to make music, and they both have fun. In the thick of it all, he misses a call from Abhira. Abhira accuses Armaan of ignoring her call when she gets to the office, and Ruhi and Abhira get into a heated quarrel until Abhira admits that she came because Armaan is her husband. Kaveri would want to inform everyone on the completion of the new wing project. She is gushing about Armaan. Everyone gives Armaan congrats and believes he will be given the role he deserves. They are shocked when Kaveri names Sanjay as the legal head. Abhira and Ruhi believe Kaveri has treated Armaan unfairly. For the written update on April 1, 2024, YRKKH, continue reading.


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