Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th March 2024 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan

March 28, 2024: A Written Update Akir and Angad cross paths. While searching for Akir, Sahiba finds a note he wrote. After that, she gives Daljeet the message, and after reading it, she finds out that Akir left for Ludhiana but will be back later that night. Daljeet lets Twinkle and Biji know about this. Akir waits for the Ludhiana bus at the bus stop, but he ducks away when he spots someone who knows him. When Sahiba notices that the birth certificate is missing, she becomes concerned that Akir will locate it. Daljeet advises them to learn more about Akir before going up against him. Akir is about to board the bus when Rohit walks up to him and inquires as to why he is by himself.

In response, Akir says that Daljeet and Sahiba are riding the bus with him. He then gets on the bus and drives off. Seeking Akir, Daljeet and Sahiba headed to the bus stop. Since Garry must attend his daughter Simran's school event as the chief guest, Angad requests Garry to handle all of the meetings for the day. Garry concurs. Daljeet and Sahiba stumble into Rohit at the bus stop while they're looking for Akir. Rohit tells them that Akir has already gone for Ludhiana on a solo bus excursion. Angad looks at Simran's picture and knows that he would have died of anguish at his son's death if it weren't for her.

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Daljeet travels toward Ludhiana with Sahiba by his side, and they ultimately discover Akir getting off the bus at GGD International School. Akir sees Angad listed as the main guest on Angad's poster as he waits in line. Angad doesn't see Sahiba riding her bike as she passes him in her car whereas Daljeet does. At his school, Akir meets Angad. Unknowingly, Angad and Akir get connected, but Angad is unaware of Sahiba and Akir's true nature. For the written update on Teri Meri Doriyaan, March 28, 2024, continue reading.



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