Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th March 2024 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan

Daljeet makes the snap decision to purchase it, not giving a damn about the price as long as his son is happy. Simran gratefully receives Angad's hoverboard present. Angad accidentally refers to Simran as a "princess" during their talk, which causes him to consider Sahiba. His rage drives him to bolt. To pay for Akir's dream bicycle, Daljeet considers taking a part-time job as a mechanic in the interim. Sahiba, who works day and night, asks Daljeet whether he will have time to unwind after learning this. Daljeet assures her that he will sacrifice everything for their son, even if it means eventually buying him a large home.

Later, after wishing his son a happy birthday, Angad goes into his room and considers his unborn kid as he gazes at the cradle. Simran's birthday is being celebrated as if it were his own, he admits, because he has no idea when his unborn kid would have been born had they been alive. The principal of Akir tells Daljeet and Sahiba how proud she is of Akir for being chosen for the district-level scientific competition at GGT International School. Angad gladly accepts Simran's invitation to be the special guest at her school's quiz competition. Doriyaan Teri Meri Teri Written Update, March 27, 2024.


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