Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th March 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan March 25, 2024 – Written Update A turn of events. When Akir and Daljeet see the injection, they both get scared. Daljeet consequently objects to the doctor giving her the tetanus injection. The doctor then asks Sahiba to assist him in making Daljeet understand the significance of the injection. Daljeet is pulled aside by Sahiba, who chastises him for meddling in the doctor's work. She finally punishes him by confining him in a room. Daljeet steps in as Sahiba demands that the doctor give Akir an injection. Unable to bear to see Akir in pain, Daljeet joins him by bending the window rods.

They are reassured by Sahiba that Akir has already had the injection and is not in need of another. Daljeet is then chastised by her for his conduct. In addition to apologizing to the doctor, Sahiba assures him that Daljeet would fix the window tomorrow. In her chamber, Simran sobs and accuses Angad of causing her tears. She welcomes him with a reference of his unfulfilled promise to arrive at 8:12 p.m. as he knocks on the door. Angad counters that he is on time and that it is only 8:02 pm. Simran recalls that Angad had moved her watch forward by ten minutes. He graciously wipes away her tears after she apologizes to him.

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When he's ready, he advises they cut the cake, and he walks out of the room. Daljeet gets reprimanded by Sahiba for his behavior toward the physician. He confesses that he won't eat if Akir thinks he done something wrong since he can't bear to see her sad. Akir chooses not to eat in return. Sahiba gives the suggestion that she forgo food in order to rectify the situation. Akir is prompted by this to compose an apology letter and swear he will never again ride a bicycle.

Sahiba offers feedback on Akir's deeds. Daljeet and Sahiba receive praise from Akir's principal, who also notes that Akir has made them proud by making it to the district-level science quiz competition at GGT International School. Simran also invites Angad to be the chief guest at her school's quiz competition, an invitation that he gladly accepts. For the written update on Teri Meri Doriyaan, March 25, 2024, continue reading.

Akir declares he will never ride a bicycle again. Daljeet promises to teach him how to ride a bike. Akir requests that Sahiba and Daljeet stop fighting going forward. Akir is taken by Daljeet to be taught. Simran is taken downstairs by Angad. He displays the friends and family awaiting the cake-cutting. Simran feels pleased. He is referred to be the best by her. She needs to learn to control her wrath, Bebe warns, or she will lose her happiness. She expresses regret to her pals. Manveer queries Angad about what he said to Simran. Angad claims Simran has developed a particular taste in timing. Manveer requests that he refrain from spoiling Simran excessively. Who will he then pamper, he wonders. In his life, he is alone. Simran is his younger sister, he claims, but he still loves her like a daughter.

He desires to honor his pledge to Inder. Simran invites him to attend. Akir claims that Twinkle's cycle is inappropriate for his age and that he wants his own. Daljeet makes the decision to get him a bicycle. According to Jasleen, Angad will stop at nothing to make Simran smile. She wishes that Angad was a parent. Angad need to get married and start a family of his own, according to Manveer. If she believes that Angad's wounds have healed, Jasleen asks. In order for Angad to forget his past, Manveer wants Angad to have his child. Simran slices the cake. She feeds the cake to everyone. Angad feeds the cake to Simran. She asks for her present. He claims to have forgotten it.

Keerat offers to assist with cake serving. Gurleen declines her assistance. She chastises Keerat for marrying Garry and betraying Veer. Keerat claims that Gurleen was unaware of her son's error until recently. How could Angad have forgotten her gift, Simran asks? Angad deceives her. Then he gives her a hefty present as a surprise. Akir is informed by Sahiba that his cycle will begin very soon. Akir becomes joyful. He asks for an expensive bike. Daljeet promises that his best son would receive the greatest cycle. Is the new cycle something Akir will receive on his birthday? Daljeet promises something. Akir is asked to go to bed by Sahiba. Daljeet promises to put in a lot of effort and find Akir the greatest cycle possible. Simran expresses gratitude to Angad for the present. He claims to have another present for her. He asks that she take up shooting. He desires Simran to stand up for herself.

He claims that Simran shouldn't require assistance from anyone and that he will teach her how to defend herself. He is referred to by Simran as the coolest brother ever. He addresses her as a princess. It makes them think of Sahiba. Angad turns to leave. Manveer said that Angad became agitated after remembering Sahiba. Daljeet is given more work. When would he sleep if he works day and night, Sahiba questions. Daljeet declares that he wishes to purchase Akir's cycle. His aim is to purchase Akir a large home. In actuality, it's Biji's residence and he has nothing, despite his claims to be an orphan nurtured by Biji. In order to safeguard Akir's future, he wishes to give him a house. Sahiba remembers Angad as she sobs. Angad visits the nursery he had furnished for his son. He sobs in agony. He longs to be with his child.


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