Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st April 2024 Written

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update April 1, 2024 Wondering Angad. According to Sahiba, she is carrying a girl to the hospital after she fell on the road. The girl has a high fever, the nurse notes after arrival. When Sahiba sees Simran's ID card, she requests the nurse to examine it. The nurse attests that an emergency contact number is given. Sahiba advises them to give that number a call in order to get further details. But Twinkle and Akir cut you off as they search for Sahiba. She turns her back on the nurse and tunes in to Twinkle. Twinkle tells her that they were notified by Surinder that Daljeet was arrested. The inspector keeps asking Daljeet questions at the police station. Daljeet's response remains constant.

Angad says that he thinks Daljeet might be guilty and recommends that his family be brought in for questioning. Daljeet warns him not to endanger his family or he will suffer the consequences. A nurse, in the meantime, interrupts Angad to let him know that Simran is at Panesar City Hospital. Daljeet appears to be implicated in the case, so Angad gives the inspector instructions to keep an eye on him before departing. Unaware of Sahiba's presence, Angad is walking towards his car as they arrive at the police station. Surinder begs Angad to protect Daljeet, who is innocent and just so happened to discover the phone in the vehicle. But Angad disobeys his orders and takes off. 

When Surinder brought up Daljeet, Akir wonders to whom she was referring. When Sahiba walks into the police station, she asks the inspector why Daljeet was taken into custody. The inspector reveals that Daljeet was accused of kidnapping his sister by a well-known businessman in Ludhiana. Daljeet responds, "Yes," when Akir asks if Angad has physically hurt her. Akir becomes angry over this and lashes out at Angad. Curious about her origins, Angad implores Simran to open her eyes. The name Sahiba is whispered by Simran. Why she would bring up Sahiba baffles Angad. Daljeet tells Sahiba that Angad loves his family dearly and would sacrifice anything for them. Admittedly, Sahiba thinks she knows Angad. For the written Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st April 2024 update, continue reading.


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