GHKKPM 31st March 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update for March 31, 2024 The end of Mukul. Savi is invited by Yashwant to leave the residence. He doesn't want to put up with her any longer. Surekha apologizes to Mukul and gives him a hug. Savi is hauled to his room by Ishaan. Why is she doing this, he asks her? He assures her that despite his best efforts to keep her safe and fulfill his obligations, she has once again overreached herself and welcomed danger. Why does he enrage the family, he asks? He is clueless on how to defuse his family's ire. He accuses her of putting him in this inevitable predicament. He claims she is unreceptive to him. She requests that he act and assist his sister. She claims he is unable to comprehend Anvi's suffering. She tells Mukul the truth about him.

Although she has seen Mukul in the act, she claims he won't comprehend. She calls Mukul a wicked man. She is sorry for Anvi, even though she has a large family, but she doesn't feel secure. Surekha receives a prescription from Reeva. To her, Surekha declines. Reeva informs her that they think Mukul and Savi may be traumatized due to an occurrence where she made such a claim about him. She requests that Surekha keep Savi in place. Surekha says no. To meet them is Ishaan. He affirms that Surekha is correct; Savi will depart the house ahead of time and they will celebrate the event as scheduled. In contrast, Mukul furiously confronts Apsara, asking her why she abandoned him in front of the family. She claims to be aware of his reality. She refuses to respond to him. She responds by questioning him. The guests are greeted by Ishaan.

With Savi's permanent departure from the house, Durva is relieved. She informs her pals of the wonderful news. Savi gets ready to leave the house by gathering her belongings. Asmita and Anvi watch Savi go, still acting like cowards. Nishikant requests that Savi exit via the rear entrance and refrain from causing any disturbance for the visitors. See Anvi and Mukul, Savi. She sets her luggage down. Going up on stage, she extends her gratitude to everyone who attended the anniversary celebrations. She claims that the house peace puja that Pandit ji recommended is overdue. She invites everyone to move on the lawn and continue to eat till the family completes the puja. When they hear her announcement, Surekha and Yashwant go crazy. He begs Savi to cut her drama out. Ishaan is shocked by Savi's bold behavior. Savi is told to leave the house by him.

He is curious as to how she mustered the bravery to defy his wishes. He just wants her to leave the house as soon as possible. Savi tells him that she's ready to go and that he can reprimand her, but she wants one more chance to show him wrong. She claims that she is acting to restore harmony among the family. She turns on the screen to the Holi video. She informs them that although Anvi had shown the truth to them, they had not been able to comprehend it. The family is taken aback to see that Anvi's confession during the Holi celebration was captured on camera. When Anvi accuses Mukul of molestation, they find it unbelievable. Surekha, Reeva, and Ishaan weep for Anvi. They discover Anvi's suffering. What rubbish is Anvi saying about him, Mukul asks them? He demands that Savi end the video right away. Mukul is stopped by Apsara. She is Savi's supporter.

She requests that Mukul respect his boundaries. Savi is able to bring Mukul to light. Ishaan is furious with Mukul. Savi is asked to stop by Mukul. Now that everyone has seen his ugly face, Savi pleads him to stop. Ishaan motions for Mukul to back off. When the family finds out about Anvi's suffering, they cry. Anvi loses it. Yashwant and Nishikant cry when they realize they unintentionally put Anvi in danger. Surekha is embarrassed by her brother's wicked deed. She gives him a slap. He is cut off from her. She chastises him and ejects him from the residence. As Savi prepares to leave the house, Surekha stops her, showing her love and gratitude for everything Savi did to save Anvi.


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