GHKKPM 30th March 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update for March 30, 2024 Savi's major wager. Surekha questions Savi about her remarks about her brother. According to Asmita, nothing occurred. Savi requests that Asmita tell the truth. She informs Surekha of Mukul's true identity. She continues, calling Mukul nasty and that he has abused Anvi. She informs Surekha that Anvi has had great hardship in her life as a result of Mukul. Is Savi telling the truth? Surekha queries Anvi. She finds Savi hard to believe. She requests Anvi's confirmation. Savi requests that Anvi tell Surekha the truth without holding back. Surekha requests that she allow Anvi to respond. Anvi gives up and starts to deny it. Savi finds Anvi's deception shocking. How could Savi say such a negative thing about Mukul, Surekha says. She shoos Savi off. From the railing, the flower pot tumbles. When Surekha and Savi start arguing, everyone is surprised.

They run upstairs to find out what's wrong. Surekha asserts that Savi has gone too far. Surekha is asked what's going on by Yashwant. Telling them how Savi has accused Mukul makes Surekha feel embarrassed. She claims that Savi is charging Mukul with harassing Anvi. The family finds it hard to accept Mukul's shady accusations. Although Surekha claims Anvi has rejected it, Savi is pressuring her to accept. Anvi is afraid of Mukul, Savi says Surekha. She continues, saying that since Anvi was 12 years old, Mukul has been abusing her. She continues, saying that she had previously attempted to be honest with them but that they had ignored her. She begs them to consider Anvi's situation and put an end to Mukul's terrible deeds. Yashwant ends his period of quiet. He lashes out at Savi. He inquires as to Savi's criticism of Mukul.

She has ruined the respect of his family, and he is furious. He has no desire to pardon Savi. Savi claims to be speaking the truth. She follows through on her promises. She requests that he question Mukul. Ishaan is asked to stop talking by Surekha. Ishaan begs him to end it right away. The same thing shouldn't be spoken to him again. If he is aware of it, Surekha queries. Ishaan didn't believe Savi when she said it. Ishaan claims that Anvi rejected his question when he asked. Anvi is urged by Savi not to live in terror. Nishikant speaks to Savi. He queries Savi on who she is blaming for Mukul. According to Savi, Anvi is a victim of Mukul's transgressions. Asmita pleads with Savi to put a halt to it. Savi begs her to summon the bravery to stand by her daughter.

Savi's request is denied by Asmita. She goes with Anvi in tow. Facing the anger of the family makes Savi feel lonely. Mukul expresses regret to the family. He tells falsehoods about his clean relationship with Anvi, like she is his daughter. How could Savi doubt him, he asks. He believes it was incorrect of him to plant this misconception in Savi's head. Surekha claims that he is not to blame. Why is Savi blaming him, he wonders. She says that she believes there is a devil in every man and asks Savi whether she has ever been assaulted. She begs him to stop talking about other people and stop being silly. Mukul and Durva both agree. She continues by saying that Kiran was jailed when Savi implicated him. Savi needs to see a psychiatrist, she argues. She advises Savi not to try attracting their attention with such flimsy tactics.

According to Mukul, Savi may have been a child victim of molestation. He is asked by Durva to stay off of Savi's side. Yashwant and Surekha back Mukul. They feel offended because Savi has damaged Mukul's reputation. Mukul claims that after experiencing such severe humiliation, he is unable to remain with them. He acts as though he's innocent. For Anvi's sake, he begs them to put an end to the situation. He informs them that Savi is the reason Anvi's illness is growing worse. He makes the decision to go. Apsara didn't stand up for Mukul, and Savi understands there may be a reason for this. She considers talking to Apsara. Surekha requests that Mukul stop.

Ishaan asks Mukul to remain behind. Mukul won't pay attention. Savi needs to leave the house, says Surekha. Savi is going to quit the family, she adds. If Ishaan doesn't remove Savi, she threatens to leave the house and cancel the event. She lets Ishaan and Yashwant make the decision. Savi is asked to leave and get to her room by Ishaan. Savi declines to go. She keeps referring to Mukul as the devil. She just needs to go, Ishaan asks. Savi is asked to leave the house by Yashwant. Savi later informs Ishaan that she has evidence of Mukul's wrongdoing. If she is shown to be mistaken, he claims he will lose the affection of his family. She vows to reveal Mukul's identity. Remarkably, Apsara helps Savi expose Mukul.



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