GHKKPM 29th March 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update for March 29, 2024 Anvi in a desperate situation. Savi sends a lullaby to Ishaan and asks him to go to sleep. Alongside, Ishaan sings. They slept. When Prateek gets home, he discovers that the whole Bhosle family is drinking and playing Holi. Reeva goes looking for Sindoor. What's going on, he asks Reeva? Everyone is playing Holi, according to Reeva. Ishaan is going to fill Sindoor in her hairline, she informs him. Her laughter is contagious. His thought is to get her sober. About the family's insanity, he queries the servant. The attendant claims he is clueless as to how they became inebriated. He fetches water with lemon for everyone. Reeva is asked to drink it by Prateek in order to locate Sindoor.

Anvi is urged not to worry by Mukul, as he plans to visit her again the following year. Anvi cries. She cuts her wrist with a shard of broken glass. She's going to make a desperate move. Reeva is awakened by Prateek. He instructs her to examine each one. They just had thandai, according to her. She runs to meet with Ishaan. In Savi's lap, she discovers Ishaan dozing off. She gives Savi a wake-up call. She fetches Ishaan and Savi some lemon water. Savi conquers the hangover. Reeva informs her that the whole family is drunk, which astounds her. It comes back to her that Mukul had spiked the thandai. She is concerned about Anvi. 

She requests that Reeva look after Ishaan. She dashes to meet with Anvi. Ishaan is held by Reeva and admits his error to Savi. Reeva queries him about his actions. She's curious as to what he's talking about. Ishaan withholds any further information. Reeva keeps asking him. Anvi is hurting herself, according to Savi. She scolds Anvi after stopping her. She calms Anvi down. When she was preparing to tell the family the truth, she asks her why she is acting in this way. She has already stated the truth, Anvi informs her, but no one has heard it.

She says that after hearing about it, everyone chuckled and made fun of her. She has not been able to reveal Mukul's reality. She claims that she will never be able to bring Mukul to light and that she will stop trying to do so going forward. She despises who she is. Savi comforts her. Prateek and Reeva assist the family in kicking their alcoholism. Mukul presents an innocent face. He claims to be severely hungover. Yashwant claims that the thandai has been tampered with. Since such things are expected around Holi, Mukul asks them to forget about it. The family of Reeva takes a break. Thanks for coming, Surekha says. Surekha is asked to take care by Reeva. The members of the household leave the living room. When Savi gets there, he stops Mukul. She warns him that she will reveal the truth about him.

He acts as though he's innocent. He expresses his worry for Anvi. She claims to be aware of his reality and to not be sparing him. To Savi, Mukul reveals his true nature. He requests that she keep trying. He sends his best wishes her way. Afterwards, Nishikant informs Savi that Anvi and Asmita are ill. Nishikant is concerned about the plans. Reeva said she will oversee the operation. She is asked by Durva to assist Surekha in getting ready for the event. Savi is concerned for Anvi. Shikha queries Savi on whether or not the collage is ready. Savi mentions that she has also produced a video. Shekha longs for Chinmay. She finds out that Yashwant and Surekha received a bouquet from Chinmay. Shikha becomes sentimental. He writes her a note. Before she had a chance to read the letter, Yashwant grabs it. The letter isn't for her, he claims. She reads other people's letters and loses her etiquette, which angers him.

He accepts the note for Surekha and the bouquet. Shikha becomes depressed. Reeva gets Surekha ready. She gives Surekha a complement. She believes that Surekha's bouquet is with Yashwant. Surekha expresses gratitude to him for elevating the anniversary. He begs Reeva to pardon them while they go. He closes the door behind Reeva and discards the flowers. He hands Surekha Chinmay's letter. She cheerfully investigates it, but she is discouraged to discover the issue. He becomes enraged at his son's lack of value. He informs them that Chinmay is their adversary and will harm their sentiments on this memorable day. He rips the letter in anger. He discards the flowers. Surekha sheds tears. Anvi is asked to get ready for the event by Asmita.

Anvi continues to be afraid. Savi encounters them. She begs Asmita to respect Anvi's bravery and self-assurance. She is asked by Asmita not to brainwash Anvi. Savi begs Asmita to consider Anvi's suffering. She exhorts Asmita to stand up for Anvi's dignity. Asmita informs that the chapter will come to an end and Mukul will return home in a day. She requests that Savi not bring up the topic. According to Savi, it concerns Anvi's whole life. Asmita knows that her family won't oppose Mukul, thus she doesn't want to divulge anything. Savi informs her that Anvi attempted suicide and that Mukul attempted to harass her once more. Asmita finds this unbelievable. For Anvi, she sobs. Surekha gives Chinmay a call. He declines her call. Anvi is stopped by Savi, who requests that she cease trying to flee the scene. Surekha hears what they are talking about. Savi promises to reveal Mukul's reality.

Savi is asked to let Anvi go by herself by Asmita. Anvi will die, according to Savi, and everyone needs to be made aware of Mukul's true nature and his atrocities. Surekha approaches them and inquires about Savi's topic of conversation. Savi confesses Mukul's reality, while Asmita and Anvi lose courage. Surekha doesn't think Savi is real. She gives Savi the order to leave the house. If Ishaan stops Savi, she threatens to leave the house. Savi gets asked to leave the house by Yashwant and Ishaan.


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