GHKKPM 1st April 2024 Written Update

GHKKPM Written Update, April 1, 2024 Finale of the track. Nishikant tells Savi right away to enter through the rear entrance as soon as she gets to the event. But before the celebrations begin, she tells the guests—speaking into the microphone—that there is a Pooja and that they should come outside on the lawn. Yashwant approaches her as they head outside and asks why she is making a scene once more. Savi refuses to back down, saying she will tell everyone the truth before leaving the house. She shows the Bhosle family a video of Anvi admitting to Mukul's molestation with a few remote control clicks. Mukul tries to stop Savi, but Apsara gets in the way.

It is demonstrated how Apsara helped Savi compile the evidence that implicates Mukul. Ishaan blocks Mukul's attempt to reach Savi, but he is not deterred. Surekha smacks Mukul and says, "It's unbelievable that they are siblings." Surekha looks surprised. She acknowledges that realizing they had a brother-sister relationship is almost like a rebuke. Savi is about to leave when Ishaan steps in and stops her, wondering where she is going. Savi says nothing more than that she is doing as Yashwant commands. Then Surekha joins in, saying that Savi has come to be associated with problems in this family, but she is assured she won't be allowed to go—at least not today. For the written GHKKPM 1st April 2024 update, continue reading.

The Bhosle family is devastated to discover Anvi's reality. Mukul rejects the reality. He informs Yashwant that artificial intelligence is now used to create bogus videos. He begs Surekha to accept his word. The video, in his opinion, is phony. If the family doesn't trust him, he inquires. He begs them to take him at his word against Savi. He holds Savi responsible for damaging his reputation and name. He assures Savi that he won't put up with accusations of this nature made against him. He is asked to quit lying by Savi. Asmita gives Anvi comfort. Savi claims that the video was taken on her phone and is authentic. She continues by saying that Apsara saw all that took place. She continues, saying Apsara informed her about the video capture. Apsara remembers talking to Savi and giving her the go-ahead to reveal Mukul's reality.

A flashback shows Savi confronting Apsara. She requests that instead of endorsing Mukul, she consider Anvi. Apsara declines to advocate for Anvi. She implores Savi to keep her out of the situation. She should examine herself in the mirror, Savi suggests. She informs Apsara that since her wicked husband is harming Anvi's life, she shouldn't stand by him. If something were to happen to Anvi, she knows Apsara wouldn't be able to see herself. She claims that Anvi attempted suicide as a result of Mukul. Will Apsara turn her back on the truth, she asks? She wants Apsara to understand that covering up Mukul's wrongdoing would be as bad on her part. Apsara finds Anvi's desperate action unbelievable. She said Savi that day Mukul had laced the beverages. She informs Savi that the footage was captured on her phone. She requests that Savi see whether anything was captured on her phone.

Savi, fortunately, discovers the footage on her phone. Returning to the present, Savi informs Mukul that she has revealed the truth about him. She informs them that Apsara snatched her phone and recorded something on it. Apsara claims she was unaware that Mukul's actual words were being recorded. Mukul applauds Apsara and Savi's collaboration. He rejects the veracity. Why is Savi forcing Apsara to lie to the family, he asks? He wants Apsara to be on his side. Savi asserts that he cannot dispute the reality because everyone has personally witnessed it. Anvi has been brainwashed against Mukul by Savi, he informs them. He continues, saying that even though they have known Savi for decades, they shouldn't trust him. He makes an attempt to emotionally coerce Surekha. He is asked to quit lying by Savi.

She informs the family that Mukul forced them to eat and tampered with the drinks. She provides evidence for her claim. He won't be able to hurt Anvi again, she continues. She claims that no one took her word for it when she revealed the facts, and that Anvi's devious maneuver caused him to thwart her attempt to expose him. She regrets that when she revealed the truth to them, Anvi was the target of their jeers. She plays the following clip in the video. They are unable to comprehend what Anvi has endured, she claims. The Anvi family is inconsolable. Durva apologizes to Anvi and gives her an embrace. Savi informs the family that Anvi has been let down by them. Ishaan requests that Savi leave the house and informs the family that they have misinterpreted her.

For the sake of Anvi's protection, he informs the family that he has given Savi one final chance. He remembers how Savi persuaded him to provide her the opportunity to reveal Mukul's true identity. He had put himself in danger by standing by Savi, and he also wanted Anvi to be spared the suffering. Savi pledged to maintain his standing within the family. He is happy that he helped Savi. He gives Savi credit for exposing Mukul's reality. Since Mukul is seen as a father figure by all the children, he finds it hard to comprehend that he could do such a thing. He claims he finds it hard to believe Mukul is so mistaken. Having Savi in his family makes him feel fortunate.

He has her gratitude, Savi says. He expresses regret to her for not having trusted her earlier. Asmita gives Savi credit for averting Anvi's doom. Mukul requests that the family realize that Savi is deceiving them. Nishikant speaks up and chastises Mukul for harassing Anvi. He claims that Mukul is the most repulsive individual he has ever seen. Nishikant is asked by Mukul not to believe Savi. He keeps being naive. Nishikant regrets Anvi's situation. He claims that his inability to comprehend Anvi's suffering was a sign of his failure as a father. He despises himself. He wants to expose Mukul's truth to the public in order to discredit him.

Mukul questions whether people will doubt Savi and believe him. Ishaan is informed by him that Savi is lying to them and is in error. He behaves as though he were in love with them. Ishaan feels offended by Mukul's dishonesty. When Mukul discovers that his family is against him, he displays his true nature. They have no stature in front of him, he informs them. He offends them directly. Mukul's repulsive behavior is stopped by Surekha, who gives him a firm slap. The following episode shows Savi falling in love with Ishaan.


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