Anupama 31st March 2024 Written Update


Anupama's Written Update for March 31, 2024 Paritosh loses his temper. Anupama visits the Shah household. She discovers Vanraj and Paritosh upset. She is informed by Paritosh that Anuj dismissed him. She inquires as to whether he finds Anuj's choice surprising. Anupama asks Paritosh a question. She is a lousy mother, he tells her. She claims she is incapable of being a decent mother and takes responsibility for the crime he did. If he treats her like a doormat, she doesn't want to become a decent mother. He claims that he met Aadhya today and that her hostility does not surprise him. Anupama is criticized by Vanraj and Paritosh. Hasmukh puts Vanraj on hold. Vanraj begs for his permission to speak. He claims that Anupama is working behind their backs on numerous projects. He discloses that Anupama has contacted Titu and spoken with her about the elopement preparations between Titu and Dimpy. The family finds it unbelievable.

He accuses Anupama of severing Ansh's ties to the family. Giving Anuj a gold chain, Shruti explains that it has special meaning for her, just as Anupama's mangalsutra does for him. She requests that Anuj cease looking backward. She suggests that he do his hardest. She is curious as to how he is now feeling. Announces to Vanraj. She is ridiculed by him and referred to as a wily woman. She wants to avoid expending energy on self-defense. She informs Hasmukh that she spoke with Titu on the phone regarding Dimpy.

She wants Dimpy to make life decisions for her. She claims that she was curious about Titu's activities. She queries his lack of communication with Titu and his concern for Dimpy. She is relieved to know Titu's true emotions. She describes herself as Dimpy's mother. Vanraj claims that Anupama isn't a good mother to her children and that they don't like her. He chastises her for her actions. Samar is missed by him. Hasmukh halts him. Anupama desires a peaceful existence. Vanraj hopes she will never return to their life.

Hasmukh requests that Vanraj recognize Anupama's efforts on their behalf. According to him, Anupama has devoted her entire life to her family and is still having difficulty finding the suitable job in the US. He queries Paritosh about his desire to pass judgment on Anupama, who is only defending the truth. He explains to them how Anupama has lived her life in the United States, devoid of any criminal activity, unlike Paritosh. He chastises Paritosh for turning into a liar. He accuses Vanraj and Leela of backing Paritosh. He claims that they are treating Ansh in the same way. He is against their turning Ansh into another Paritosh-style crook. He begs them to cease meddling in the affairs of Kavya and Dimpy.

Should Dimpy and Titu choose to tie the knot, he wishes them blessings. Anuj informs Shruti that he has made the decision to move on with his life in the meantime. He is aware that she is curious about his emotions. He believes she will comprehend him. She queries whether her question was misdirected. When Aadhya joins them, she informs them of the arrangements for their wedding shopping. Shruti consents to accompany her. They exchange their joy and excitement. Anuj is delighted for Adhya. He senses that something is preventing him from going forward. Anupama is met by Hasmukh, who consoles her by offering a channel for her rage. He begs her to let go of her resentment. She feels light after popping the balloons. She expresses her gratitude to him for his unwavering support. He claims that he really missed her.

Kavya and Kinjal, on the other hand, give Dimpy a lesson and ask her to cherish Titu's affection. When it comes to her life, they beg Dimpy to win. Dimpy is unable to make a choice. She is asked by Kavya to either accept or forget Titu. She suggests that Dimpy decide. Dimpy has a problem. Anupama discusses the loan issue with the restaurateur. With the prize money, Hasmukh asks her to take part in and win the cooking competition in order to rescue the restaurant. She claims that winning the international cooking competition is difficult. He inspires her to maintain her confidence and self-belief. He reminds her that she should never lose before giving it her all because she is the best cook ever and that she possesses the qualities of Annapurna Mata.

Afterwards, Kinjal informs Paritosh that Ron is putting her in danger. She requests that he give the money back. He holds Anupama responsible for his job loss. She claims that as a result of his offense, he was fired. She issues a warning. She promises to bring Pari to India. She threatens to take Paritosh's family away if he doesn't pay off the loans. He implores her to stay put. In order to realize her aspirations, Hasmukh requests that Anupama give it her all and win the tournament. She is appreciative of his charming assistance. He requests that she go complete the form. He grants her victory. Anupama completes the paperwork and sends it in. She starts to go on a new adventure. Anuj takes Shruti and Aadhya shopping when Anupama arrives at the same store in the following episode. Anuj finds it uncomfortable to see Anupama there. Shruti seeks Anupama's assistance in choosing Anuj's wedding attire.


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