Anupama 29th March 2024 Written Update


Anupama's Written Update for March 29, 2024 Paritosh comes back. Paritosh recalls what Pari said. Anuj pays him a visit. Paritosh implores him to pardon him and get him out of custody. He claims that he acted to protect his family rather than out of avarice. He acknowledges feeling afraid. He vows to turn around and not cause difficulty for anyone. Anuj recalls Anupama's injuries. He informs Paritosh that since it was his event, he has been contacted by the police. He is unsure of the client's decision. Paritosh begs him to only assist him and acknowledge him as a parent. Anupama remains anxious and considers Paritosh. If Paritosh is in jail, Pari asks her. She queries him about what Paritosh done wrong to warrant his imprisonment. Is he a bad man? is what she wants to know.

Paritosh isn't a horrible man, according to Anupama, but he has made a mistake. It is difficult for her to explain to her. When Kavya gets to Anupama, she is in tears. Pari informs the children that Anupama has clarified the situation and that she is now feeling better. Anupama informs Kavya that Paritosh left her with no choice and that there was nothing she could do. Seeing him incarcerated depresses her. She is comforted by Kavya. The client is persuaded to drop the case by Anuj. He considers messaging Anupama to let her know about Paritosh. He hears Shruti telling him she loves him. While asleep, Shruti speaks. She want Aadhya and Anuj in her life.

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All she wants is for Anuj to go on with her. Anuj becomes anxious. The following day, Anupama is made fun of by Vanraj and Leela for her callous treatment of Paritosh. Anupama declares she would not be seeing Paritosh. With a positive attitude and confidence, Paritosh returns home. He returns, he informs Anupama, since he was granted bail when the client opted out of the case. Vanraj gives Paritosh a hug, and he says that Anuj has persuaded the customer. According to Paritosh, Anuj met him and helped him get out of jail. Anupama expresses her happiness for Paritosh, but he must still give Ron back the money.

She ruins the good time. Who will give the goons their money, she wonders Vanraj. Vanraj promises Paritosh he would cover the cost. The return of Paritosh makes him happy. According to Paritosh, the jail was unbearable. Anupama claims to be aware of it. Paritosh is avoided by Kinjal. It makes Pari pleased to have him back. He gives her a hug. Shruti is looked after by Anuj. She expresses her regret to him. She claims she can't recall anything. She has done something else, he tells her, not something foolish that she did. She's curious as to what she did. He claims it's unexpected that she did nothing. She gives him a spanking for creating tension. She informs him that Aadhya proposed that they go shopping for a wedding.

Aadhya and Shruti are asked by Anuj to arrange anything they like. She gives him a hug and declares her love. Aadhya declares that she has at last found her family and is happy to meet them. Anupama later pays Anuj a visit at his office. She queries him as to why he obtained Paritosh's bail. He claims that he is acting on her behalf. He wishes not to witness her in grief. She wants him to stay out of her life and her family's affairs. He wishes no harm to come to Paritosh's family. He begs her to keep Pari and Kinjal in mind. He wishes for Pari to be trauma-free. He can't stand to see her or her family suffer, so he urges her to make an effort to understand him.

She laments having gone through with Paritosh's reformation. She desired for him to gain some insight. She queries why he saved Paritosh in a single day. She believes that Anuj did not act appropriately. She is asked to think of anything by Anuj. He expresses regret to her. He acknowledges that he took the money in order to protect her. He apologizes, but he doesn't think she was harmed.

While Anuj displays the lyrical vibes, the Maan song plays in the background. They sob, and she walks away. Anupama visits the eatery and lodges a grievance against Paritosh with Yashdeep. She claims that Paritosh would never change because Anuj saved him. She inquires as to whether there is an issue. She discovers him fretting. About the eatery, she enquires. He claims he was unaware of the loans. If Anupama doesn't post fresh videos, Vikram threatens to lose her channel's followers. Anupama claims that her identity as a chef has evolved. She is asked to maintain her social media presence by Vikram. He informs her about the competition for cooking. He goes on to say that after she wins the tournament, her fame would grow significantly. Anupama declines.

Yashdeep keeps the issue hidden. He invites Anupama to take part. With love, Vikram gives Anupama praise. She is asked to try once by Yashdeep. Anupama consents to think about it. Being a part of Spice and Chutney brings her happiness. She cannot be informed by Yashdeep that the restaurant may close. The following episode is when Anupama finds out about Yashdeep's issue. In order to assist him in repaying the debts and preserving the restaurant, she makes the decision to compete in the culinary competition and earn the prize money. Anuj is taken aback when Shruti dons a mangalsutra. After apologizing to her and telling her it belonged to Anupama, he takes it off her neck. He requests that she never put it on again. Yashdeep is assured by Anupama that she will stop at nothing to keep the restaurant afloat.


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