Anupama 28th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama: Extreme Written Update, March 28, 2024. Carrying Paritosh along is Anupama. Anuj is eager to accompany her, but Shruti prevents him. Anupama is accompanied by Yashdeep. Kinjal sobs for Paritosh as she recalls their time together. Kinjal is consoled by Kavya and Dimpy. According to Kinjal, she is undecided about penalizing Paritosh for his error. She wants to comfort herself and tell herself that she must come to terms with the reality. Without Paritosh, she feels alone. She is unable to comprehend Anupama's situation. Kinjal is urged to remain strong by Kavya and Dimpy. Kinjal gives them a hug. She aspires to act like Anupama, a mother, and defend Pari. After Anupama shows the police the footage, Paritosh is taken into custody.

Paritosh implores Anupama to keep him safe. He is asked to focus on his deeds rather than the green card by Anupama. She requests that he accept the penalty and turn into a nice man. He wishes to avoid taking the blame. He only considers himself. She is willing to put up with the discomfort in order to improve him. As the officers place Paritosh in the cell, he sobs. Anupama sheds tears. Yasheep sticks close to her. The guests discuss Paritosh's apprehension. Pari is not conscious of it. She tells some children about her happiness, and they tell her the truth. Pari is unable to take any criticism of her father. The Shah children arrive to protect Pari.

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Shruti is looked after by Anuj. He offers her a glass of lemonade. Anupama finds it difficult to witness Paritosh in detention. Parash despises Anupama. Pari finds Anuj upset. About Paritosh's arrest, Pari inquires. He begs her not to trust strangers. He advises her to merely listen to Kinjal and speak with her family. The children converse with him. Anuj promises to respond to their inquiries if their family chooses to keep the situation a secret. He claims that their issues are real.


He assures them that although some things are beyond the elders' ability to explain, the children don't have to worry. He comforts the children and ends up being their friend. He brings them out for gelato. When Kinjal gets there. She is informed by Anuj that whatever Anupama has done is significant. She is aware of it. She believes that Paritosh has taken care of his family. That's not how it is, he says. He believes Paritosh deceived her in order to protect himself. He said no one wants their son to make bad financial decisions. Being the most injured, Anupama is her concern. She is aware that Paritosh is Anupama's firstborn child, and she adores him. She feels sorry for Anupama. Once home, Kinjal takes the kids. In the event that Pari questions her, she wonders what she will say.

Anupama is allowed to communicate with Paritosh by the inspector. He begs her to consider Pari for a moment. Anupama claims Pari will be aware of his nasty nature. She tallies his errors. She questions him about whether or not Pari was on his mind at the time of the crime. He claims that he went above and beyond for Pari. She gives him a reprimand. She says he might change as a result of the punishment. She maintains her composure and leaves. He yells how much he hates her. Anuj is aware that Anupama is punishing Paritosh in order to punish herself. He wishes Anupama to suffer no more harm. He gives Mr. Zaveri a call and asks him to drop the lawsuit. Anupama sobs as she considers the ordeal Paritosh is currently going through in the cell. To comfort her, Yashdeep reaches over there. She needs some time to herself. He lets Biji know about Anupama's emotional collapse.

She worries that Anupama may incur the wrath of the family. Vanraj is not pleased with Anupama when she returns home and acts normal. Anupama wants no one, including Vanraj, to make judgments on her motherhood. She gives the family an update on Paritosh's situation. Vanraj queries him about whether she will give the goons the money. She assures him that it is not a problem for her. She demands that Paritosh accept accountability for his deeds. She begs him to keep Pari and Kinjal safe. Pakhi remarks about her. She claims to be the greatest mother there is, and she knows it. Thanks to Anuj, Paritosh receives bail in the upcoming episode. When he gets home, Anupama's difficulties only get worse. He makes fun of his unhelpful relatives and tells them that Anuj has come to his rescue. Anupama goes to see Anuj in order to get an answer.



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