Anupama 27th March 2024 Written Update


Anupama's Written Update for Justice on March 27, 2024. Titu is pushed aside by Vanraj. Titu notices the scarlet hue trickling into Dimpy's brow. Asking Titu to get lost, Vanraj yells at him. He makes death threats to him. Anupama begs him to maintain composure. She dismisses Titu. She notices that Dimpy is wearing red. She requests Dimpy go. Anupama is reached by Yashdeep. He inquires as to her well-being. She claims that he asks her the same question every time. She gives him credit for consistently enquiring about her emotional position. She is too busy to be thinking about herself. He expresses confidence in her ability to fix everything. He expresses confidence in her. She claims that even now, their eatery is a huge popularity. Is there something he's hiding, she wonders. He requests her consent before coloring her. He claims he wants to color her because it's Holi.

He appears apprehensive, so she starts by coloring him. She lets him paint her with the colors. They are found by Anuj enjoying a Holi moment. He becomes envious. At the same time, Vanraj sees them. Anuj is powerless. People rejoice on Holi. Paritosh disguises his identity and travels there to see Pari. When Anupama sees him, she knows it's him. She grabs him and throws him to the ground. She splatters water on his face to remove the excess pigment. When Pari meets Paritosh, she is taken aback because everyone recognizes his transgression and regards him with contempt. Pari requests to meet Paritosh's family. She desires that he stay put.

Pari is sent away by Anupama. Paritosh remembers how Vanraj begged him to go back home in order to protect his family. He enquires about Kinjal's wellbeing. Vanraj told him everything, he claims. He expresses regret to her. He gets rebuked by Kinjal for always apologizing and making mistakes. She is tired of continually forgiving him and having a huge heart. She labels him as self-centered for fleeing to protect himself. He claims that Pari is the reason he came. Anupama claims that she had intended to call him. She remembered creating her plan.

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She was aware of Vanraj's equal devotion for his family and Paritosh. She was certain that in order to preserve the family's lives, Vanraj would summon Paritosh home. She informs Paritosh that Vanraj has summoned him to guide him in the proper direction. Paritosh tries to run away. Anupama yells at him to stop moving. She informs him that he has caused her much pain. She questions him about why he is acting so callously toward his family and taking advantage of their feelings. She is curious as to why Paritosh has become conceited and self-centered. She blames her childhood. He didn't grow up to be a decent parent and son, according to her. For Samar's sake, she laments Paritosh's refusal to state. She comes to see that Paritosh is a coward who only cares about himself and doesn't love anyone. Although Paritosh isn't a coward for fleeing and involving Vanraj, he acknowledges that he was afraid of going to jail.

She questions him about whether he considered getting arrested before committing a crime. Anupama chastises him for what he did. Vanraj is informed by her that Paritosh will face consequences after being brought to the police station. She terrifies Paritosh by tying her hands together with her saree fabric. He will be punished, she promises. He begs her to get off his lap. She queries whether he had considered her when she saw her arrest and defamation. Paritosh disintegrates. Anupama informs him that although a mother's heart melts for her child, she must toughen her heart in order to carry out her responsibility. She has no desire to justify his misdeeds. He declines to accompany her.

To stop Anupama, he begs Vanraj. Paritosh is not spared by Anupama. She is aware that despite their best efforts, Paritosh has never changed. She is asked to quit disparaging Paritosh by Vanraj. He is aware of her accuracy. She bids him farewell and thanks him. He informs her that they have to forgive Paritosh because he is their son. He believes that even if Paritosh is imprisoned, her life will not alter. He begs her to simply let go of him and maintain her big heart. He continues, saying that everyone would accept that she had been arrested. He asks Anuj whether he will put Aadhya in jail should she break any laws. "It depends on her crime," says Anuj. Vanraj describes it as absurd. He involves Aadhya in the situation. Anuj lets Vanraj release his frustration.

He queries who would cover Anupama's sorrow and humiliation once she was taken into custody and given a thief's tag. He claims that Anupama's suffering is Paritosh's fault. Anuj and Anupama argue with Vanraj. He requests that Anupama ask Anuj to take up the case in court. He cannot get Anupama to obey him. She threatens to put Vanraj in jail as well if he helps his son. Paritosh is driven to the police station by Anupama. Pakhi questions her over her move. Anupama refuses to allow anyone bring her down and maintains her position.


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