Anupama 26th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama's Written Update for March 26, 2024 The entry of Paritosh. After Samar's departure, Anupama reminds Vanraj that he cannot afford to lose Paritosh. Paritosh remembers Kinjal and Pari. She begs him to think of the family's welfare. Paritosh calls Vanraj in response, but he is met with a thug and his call is not returned. Ron intentionally searches Paritosh out with the intention of injuring him. Vanraj tries to persuade everyone else of his innocence, but he finds it difficult, especially Pari, who is keen to celebrate Holi with the whole family. When Leela worries that there may be too much celebration given the impending danger, Vanraj and Anupama decide to take matters into their own hands and play Holi for their kids' sake.

Vanraj says he's worried about his family's safety because of Paritosh, so Anupama gets him some tea. Vanraj keeps berating Anupama for his errors while shifting the responsibility onto Paritosh. Anupama misses her other son Samar in the midst of this stress. Shruti asks Anuj how he's feeling because he can't stop thinking about Anupama. He confides in her, saying he's disappointed with Aadhya and himself for what they did. He regrets taking Aadhya to the United States and starts to doubt his upbringing. Anuj opposes Shruti's support for Aadhya and won't put up with her rude treatment of Anupama. He understands that he must find a method to convey to Aadhya the harm that she has caused.

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But Aadhya apologizes and tells Anuj not to distrust his upbringing or place the responsibility on himself. She accepts responsibility for her error and vows never to do it again. As Anuj cautions her against making any more mistakes, Shruti looks forward to their next Holi celebration. When Biji asks Yashdeep to let everyone know that the restaurant might close, Yashdeep decides to hold off until after Holi. He believes Anupama's plan will succeed and the restaurant's losses will be made up. Shruti, meanwhile, becomes wasted and plays Holi with Anuj. Her close-cropped dancing makes Anuj uneasy. When Anuj realizes that Shruti has taken Bhaang, he tries to get her to leave. For Anupama's written update dated March 26, 2024, continue reading.

Anupama 26th March 2024 Written Update Paritosh’s entry:
Anupama begins her day with prayer. She hopes Kinjal and her scheme succeed. She is aware of Vanraj's weakness—Paritosh. It's going to be a significant day for the family, she says. Leela arrives to greet each person. They giggle when they see her. She queries their problems. Upon seeing her face, Leela cries. Her face is colored in the hues of Holi. Hasmukh puts her in jest. They are invited to breakfast by Anupama. When Kinjal sees Ansh's toy gun, she becomes alarmed and discards it. Ron had threatened her, she remembered. Anupama understands Kinjal's anxieties. She makes Ansh feel better. After Vanraj, the children apply the Holi colors. Vanraj begs them not to hurt him and walks away. Under the cover, he hides. He claims they shouldn't make him comply. The children assault him. Mahi longs for Vanraj's affection. Vanraj declares his hatred for Holi. Mahi is standing there when he finds her.

He asks Mahi if she won't give him the color treatment. He lets her paint with colors. Mahi becomes joyful. He sends Mahi his blessings and best wishes. Upon seeing them, Kavya and Anupama became thrilled. Mahi is informed by Kavya that seeing her kid happy makes her the happiest. Paritosh gives Vanraj a call. Vanraj converses with him. On the call, Yashdeep gets some awful news. He worries about what will happen to the eatery. He is asked if there is any chance by Biji. He claims that after Holi is over, they would inform everyone that there is no longer any hope. He hopes for a miracle to occur. He is asked if there is a problem by Vikram. Biji keeps the issue quiet. Shahs show up for the Holi celebration. They're welcomed by Biji and Yashdeep. Pari is asked by Kinjal to remain home and not go anyplace by herself. Yashdeep queries Anupama about her well-being. According to him, family is the source of happiness.

A well-known dancer's performance is announced by the host. Titu's performance takes the audience by surprise. Vanraj is dissatisfied with Titu. Titu looks at Anupama. Shruti and Anuj arrive there. Anuj and Anupama recall their final Holi celebration together. It is there that Paritosh meets Pari. Pakhi reunites with her companion Arush. He's charming, in her opinion. Together, Anupama notices them. Arush meets Leela. Pakhi's friendship with him bothers her. Kinjal begs the children to stay put. Leela begs her to put the issues behind her and let the kids have fun. Anuj gets to know the Shahs. He hopes they will. He discovers Anupama and Yashdeep conversing.

Colors are applied on Anupama by Yashdeep. Anupama receives a visit from Titu inviting her to a dance. Anupama is asked to dance by Leela and Biji for their benefit. Anupama goes to play a song for Holi. Her family members accompany her as well. Kavya makes an effort to patch things up with Vanraj. Anupama rejoices with them. She longs for her companion, Anuj. Shruti consumes alcohol. To preserve their hearts, Anuj dances with the Shahs. Shruti approaches Anuj and dances with him intimately. Her strange behavior causes Anuj to feel uneasy. Anuj finds it strange that Anupama is observing them. He removes Shruti. He is aware of her inebriation. Shruti declares her love for him. He is asked to affirm that no one can stand in their way. Shruti gives him a hug.

When Anupama sees them, she does not respond. Anuj begs Shruti to exercise self-control. Leela annoys Adhik and Pakhi. Vanraj is upset over Titu. He suggests to Hasmukh that it's possible Dimpy told Titu about them. Hasmukh is a fan of Titu and Dimpy's romance. Vanraj is against it. Hasmukh begs him to give the kids an opportunity to continue being joyful. He counsels him to continue showing respect by helping the kids. Vanraj observes Titu approaching Dimpy to apply the paint. In a hurry, he stops Titu. Hasmukh and Anupama discover Vanraj furious. Anupama later kidnaps Paritosh. He expresses his fear for his family. Anupama drags him violently, threatening to punish him.


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