YRKKH 30th March 2024 Written Update

YRKKH Written Update, March 30, 2024 The scheme of Abhira. Vidya volunteers to help Ruhi while she looks for a pair of scissors. She says she wishes to lessen Armaan's suffering. When Abhira sees Ruhi and Armaan together, she chooses to step in. Krish is told to leave the country by Sanjay, who begs Kajal to make sure he departs on time. After Krish reveals Sanjay's scheme to Abhira and Arman, Armaan asks Abhira to devise a counterplot. Krish receives an instruction from Abhira to go with Sanjay to the visa office and then resume his act afterwards. Armaan appreciates this idea and thanks Abhira for suggesting it. Playfully taking credit for her newfound poise, Armaan asks why she has become so calm all of a sudden.

After a charming exchange, the two establish a profound eye contact. Thanking Armaan for standing by her in front of his family, Abhira says. To which Armaan humbly responds, "I only did what I could." Abhira considers and admires Armaan. Abhira is informed by Manisha that her custard will not be consumed. Unfazed, Abhira explains why she made the custard. Manisha is urged to begin Ram Navami preparations by Vidya. While Swarna learns that Manish made an effort to get in touch with her, Manish remembers Akshara. Manish said Ruhi would have the support of Akshara's kids and they will be a family unit. Swarna experiences intense feelings over this.

Ruhi objects and says that Abhira should be causing Arman more problems. Abhira decides to convince Kaveri and Sanjay. Ruhi is adamant about protecting Armaan from harm, even if Abhira reassures her that she has thought about his welfare. When Ruhi steps in and inadvertently harms Abhira, Abhira chooses to go to Sanjay's residence. Krish resolves to persuade Kaveri and Sanjay while simultaneously getting ready to go. Krish stumbles over some paper and falls, but Kajal blesses him before. As she remembers Akshara's approaching birthday, Armaan tends to Abhira's wound. After he comforts her, she chooses to commemorate Akshara's special day. Sanjay, in the meantime, is looking for Krish and eventually approaches Kajal to find out where he is.

Sanjay tells that Krish went to the art academy rather than the visa office, which infuriated him. Kajal also starts to feel angry. Armaan responds that he has a meeting to attend when Abhira challenges him about missing Krish's dance performance. This results in a disagreement between Armaan and Abhira. However, Ruhi interrupts them in their talk, and Abhira queries him about it. Instead of standing up for Ruhi as she had expected, Abhira chooses to go to Krish's show. Ruhi seems surprised when Armaan asks her to follow Abhira.


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