Anupama 30th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama's Written Update for March 30, 2024 Anupama's vow. Anupama hears Yashdeep talking, and she finds out about the large loans. She is opposed to the eatery getting too close. She remembers what she was doing in the restaurant. She believes she works for the restaurant and has to put in a lot of effort to keep it open. Paritosh is avoided by Kinjal. Is she not glad to have him back? he asks. He keeps making mistakes, she claims, which makes her unhappy. She has had enough of pardoning him. I'm tired of him, she says, and I've made the decision to end things. She corrects him on his major errors. She claims that she has no reason to be cheerful because the goons are a threat to her. He expresses regret to her. She claims that by leaving India and traveling to the US, they had committed a grave error. She feels overburdened. She claims she's not content.

She claims he is unable to mend anything. With a hug, he begs her to give him another chance. She screams at him and walks off. He regrets it. Anupama is not interested in losing the eatery. She musters the bravery to confront the circumstances. She approaches Yashdeep and assures him that they won't allow the business to close. She is aware that setting up finances is difficult. She requests that he continue Yashpal's fantasy. It means a great deal to the employees and clients, she claims. She feels a strong emotional connection to the eatery. She claims that because she was able to find work and shelter there, it seemed like home. She continues, saying she will do everything in her power to preserve the restaurant because it has given her so much. He assures her that she can work at any other reputable restaurant. She vows to do all it takes to keep the restaurant open. She is upbeat and self-assured regarding her objectives.

Conversely, Paritosh approaches Anuj and expresses gratitude for his assistance. He claims Anupama was of little assistance to him. Anuj asserts that Anupama is not at fault. Paritosh is fired by him, and he is asked to leave. To be clear, he doesn't think he can trust Paritosh. He is unwilling to give him another chance. He reminds him that he is fortunate to be Anupama's son, which is how he was able to avoid jail time. He's begged for a job by Paritosh. Anuj counsels him to make the right decision this time. Paritosh begs that he give him an opportunity. He is not entertained by Anuj. According to Paritosh, Anupama is the root of all issues. He meets with Adhya. She concurs with him. It's a pleasure to meet her. She claims that everything has been overheard. Anupama, in her opinion, is a curse for them. Their mutual loathing of Anupama is shared. He requests that she persuade Anuj to rehire him. She won't extend any kindness. She begs him to keep his distance and never enter their lives. His attempts are ineffective.

Shruti tidies up Anuj's space. She believes he purchased her the mangalsutra after finding one. She becomes joyful. She desires for her dream to come true. When Anuj arrives, he discovers Shruti donning Anupama's mangalsutra. She claims to adore it. When he takes it off her neck, he discloses that Anupama is the owner of the mangalsutra. He requests that she never put it on again. He retreats into his happy recollections. Leela tells Hasmukh about her predicament. She claims that due of the problems, she is not delighted to be visiting the US. She laments the fact that issues with the family are never-ending. There's a card on the road, which she notices.

She considers checking it to see what's coming. Seeing an Ace card makes her happy. She is told by Hasmukh not to give up hope. He gives her a kiss to make her feel better. Shruti apologizes to Anuj over the phone. He apologizes to her as well. She tells him to move on and let go of the past. She advises him to let go of Anupama. What can he do? she asks. Titu meets Anupama. She seems stressed to him. She adds she would like to discuss Dimpy with him. He confesses his love for Dimpy and his desire to wed her. He aspires to be the Shah family's son and the father of Ansh. Although she tells him it's hard to accept someone else's child, she is happy to hear it.

She is his idol. He claims that, just as Anupama became Choti's mother, he will become Ansh's father. He swears to Ansh that he will only ever love her and never have children of his own. He begs Anupama's assistance. When Vanraj arrives, he discovers Titu pleading with Anupama for assistance. He screams at Titu. Ansh is his grandchild, he claims, and the Shah family will always include Ansh. Anupama is later criticized by Vanraj and Paritosh. Hasmukh is informed by Anupama about the major culinary competition. He gives her encouragement to triumph in the tournament and keep the eatery open.


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